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Instagram Love: Pets In The Snow

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We can’t get over these adorable snow dogs from a few pet-centric Instagram accounts we’ve come across recently. Check them out for a constant stream of cute pup pics when you need an afternoon pick-me-up, like on this freezing cold winter day! (Follow us on Instagram here.) @designsponge dresses her pup in pretty plaid. Momo’s snow [...]

Instagram Love: Winter Wonderland

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New York City is a snow globe today—is it snowing where you are? Check out these beautiful winter scenes we found on Instagram. (Follow us here.) @bonnietsang @creaturecomforts @mollyyeh @sycamorestreetpress Tweet

Our Finds: Cozy Mittens

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We’ve been stocking up on cold-weather gear lately. In New York City, walking is our main form of transportation, no matter how chilly it is. The only way to avoid frozen fingers is a good pair of gloves. Here are a few we love… Echo Lake Mittens, Steven Alan, $135 Echo Touch Studded Cuff Glove, [...]