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What We’re Making with … Peaches

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At some point in your life, you probably encountered The Perfect Peach: a fragrance that beckons you from five paces away, fuzzy scarlet-mottled skin yielding to deep-yellow flesh that’s perfectly sweet with just a hint of acidity, and oh, the juice! After that, you approach every peach with a mixture of longing and apprehension, hoping [...]

What We’re Making with … Zucchini

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It’s that time again. A zucchini plant near you has been silently propagating, and the fruits of its labors are finding their way into your kitchen via farmers’ markets, CSA shares, generous neighbors with gardens, and piled-high supermarket displays. When I have a couple of zucchini on hand, I usually slice them lengthwise and grill [...]

What We’re Making with … Rhubarb

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We live in a world where so much produce is available year-round — where we’re used to seeing tomatoes, however flavorless, just as abundant on supermarket displays in February as they are in August. So I feel a genuine sense of excitement at the arrival of truly seasonal produce like rhubarb. There’s nothing I love [...]

What We’re Making With … Ramps

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Ramps — those petite, wild-growing cousins of the leek — have gone from regional harbingers of spring to cult celebrity over the past decade. Adding to their mystique, ramps cannot be cultivated, they must be foraged. You can buy them at farmer’s markets, or, even better, make friends with someone who lives in one of [...]