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Rediscovering Good Old-fashioned Buttermilk

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In the May issue we visit Animal Farm, the small Vermont dairy that produces some of the best butter in the country. In recent years, the farm’s founder and owner, Diane St. Clair, has started to bottle and sell buttermilk—a natural by-product of butter-making that was once a staple of American kitchens. “Good old-fashioned buttermilk [...]

My Favorite General Store

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Gillingham’s in Woodstock, Vermont, is hands-down the best general store I’ve ever been to—I discovered it when I was scouting for our Woodstock story (January 2013 issue). Not only does it have an entire aisle of made-in-Vermont products (think cheeses, maple products, coffee, ceramics), it has a stellar wine section (deals on bottles that usually only [...]