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Mensday Wednesday: Kabab Cafe

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If the cuisine of Alexandria, Egypt is a symphony orchestra it’s rhythm section would be played by lemon and olive oil. You would definitely taste a symbol crash of garlic, brash trumpet notes of sumac and zatar, a sweet flute solo of pomegranate syrup, but the bass line? The foundation on which the harmonies are [...]

Dispatch from Queens: E*Space Party

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Last week a group of us from Martha Stewart Living were lucky to attend a party to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the E*Space, aka Entrepreneurs Space, in Queens, NY (my home borough!). The Entrepreneur Space is a partnership between the Queens Economic Development Corporation and Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen. Funded in part through [...]

Mensday Wednesday: Pollos a la Brasa de Mario

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What is that saying about best laid plans going astray? Well, the gods were laughing at our dinner plans last night when we exited the 7 train at 82nd street and strolled up to our destination only to find the lights off and the proprietor pulling the gate down. The disappointment was immense at first, particularly [...]