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Warm Up With Neapolitan Ragù

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Any person curious about the culinary impact of Italian immigration in America need only go to an ordinary supermarket and walk the aisles. Past the little “ethnic” sections featuring a few yards of Mexican and Pan-Asian ingredients, one will arrive at a long stretch of dried pastas, canned tomatoes, olive oils and wine vinegars. The [...]

Ramp Week: Bucatini With Ramps

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It’s Ramp Week here on the Living blog. Gather up every last ramp you can get your hands on before they disappear for the year and check in with the blog—we’ll be posting new recipes every day. More than Punxsutawney Phil or those first bright-blooming daffodils, for me it is ramps that are the true [...]

Link We Love This Week

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Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We’re having a heat wave in New York City, so we’re planning on staying cool by any means possible. Here are a few links to keep you entertained if you’re indoors trying to beat the heat . . . Talk about eye candy. Take a look [...]

Dunderi: Homemade Pasta Demystified

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I bought a sack of 00 flour years ago, with the intention to make homemade pasta “one of these days.” It took the BBC series Two Greedy Italians, which I watched nonstop this week, to finally bring those plans into action. Gennaro Contaldo, the show’s enthusiastic co-presenter, threw together what he called dunderi, little dumplings of ricotta, [...]