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A Call Out To Green-Eyed Gals Everywhere

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This is too good not to share. I’ve worn purple eyeliner for, oh, the last 10+ years. It’s an old-makeup artist trick that’s supposed to highlight green eyes. I’ve tried a bunch of different ones and always been satisfied with the results. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil is a particular favorite, partly cause I [...]

Martha’s Makeup Artist Shares Some of Her Must-Have Products

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This week we stopped by the gorgeous New York City flagship store and spa of AmorePacific, an Asian skin-care and beauty brand that has been gaining a lot of U.S. fans, including Martha Stewart. AmorePacific was the first skin-care company to use green-tea extract from its own green-tea garden, located off the coast of Korea [...]

MAKEUP: 5 How-To Tips for Redheads

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I’m a redhead — have been since I was born. Like most women with two copies of a recessive gene on their 16th chromosome, I’m constantly overwhelmed by all the redhead makeup dos and don’ts. I’ve been advised, at different times in my life, that the following will make me look like a ghost: black mascara, [...]