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Christmas Scavenger Hunt

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Christmas scavenger hunts are typically a way to keep the kids from ripping through their presents in a flash. But in my family, the scavenger hunts began when we were much older, in high school. My brother, sister, and I kept asking for cash and gift cards for Christmas, so my mom and dad devised [...]

9 Holiday Dinner Recipes

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When my colleagues in the test kitchen happened upon my red folder titled “Holiday Recipes” they poked a little good-humored fun (it was the first week of October). Now that December has finally arrived, let’s talk Christmas! Some of my friends think it’s extreme that I plan dinner before I’ve had breakfast, so this is [...]

On Reparenting

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For so many of us, parenthood is as much about raising a child as it is about “reparenting” ourselves in the process. I know a lot of moms who vacillate between empathy for their parents and sadness about the emotional or material deficiencies of their own childhoods once they become parents themselves. Sometimes, as we measure [...]