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The Bookstore On The Corner

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Wandering through a bookstore of any size is my idea of a day well spent. But make that store a quaint, independently owned shop, and it’s that much better.  I love the places where the owner sits behind the cash register all day and knows the exact location of every book they sell off the [...]

Franny’s Cover to Cover

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If you live in or around or have visited New York City, you’ve likely been to Franny’s in Brooklyn. If you’re into cooking seasonal food from local ingredients, chances are you’ve seen or own the new cookbook Franny’s: Simple Seasonal Italian (if not, order it immediately). The amazing cocktails and the perfectly flavored yet beautifully [...]

Mensday Wednesday: 310 Deli and Convenience

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Perhaps a more appropriate title for this week’s post would be Thirsty Thursday.  Due to various commitments, our usual crew was unable to gather this Wednesday. I had a particularly busy week at work and was only available to engage in social activity Thursday evening, when I went out for my buddy Marko’s younger brother’s [...]

American Made Series: A. Heirloom

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With A. Heirloom, husband-and-wife team Amy Stringer-Mowat and Bill Mowat achieved the holy grail of American-made kitchenware, uniting smart design with high function. The Brooklyn-based couple designs beautiful state-shaped cutting boards. Every board is made to order; A. Heirloom offers customized engravings (a heart, star, house, logo, initials and/or dates) and carves the icon on [...]

Indigo Dyeing Class

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A friend and I took an indigo dyeing class at L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts (LDBA) in Brooklyn last Sunday.  LDBA is part housewares and hardware store part artist supply destination and part classroom, featuring workshops and classes taught by artists and tradespeople from the community and elsewhere.  The class kicked off with a brief introduction [...]

Fruits of the Loom

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Written by Liz Borod Wright Photographs by Jennifer Causey They may hold fine-arts degrees, not MBAs, but Owyn Ruck and Visnja Popovic recognized a great business opportunity when they saw one. After searching New York City for a studio where they could work on their textile projects, the two friends decided to open one themselves. In [...]