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Baby’s Got a Brand-New Sweater

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Like many expectant parents, my husband and I are most looking forward to having a healthy, happy baby — whether it’s a boy or a girl doesn’t really matter. But when my 20-week sonogram confirmed that we’re in for sugar and spice, not snips and snails, I couldn’t help getting a little excited. I’d finally have a chance [...]

Handmade Gifts for Baby

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Baby clothes and accessories are two of my favorite items to make. There’s no limit to the bright colors and cuteness you can incorporate into your work. So when Kate Muth, MSLO’s director of content strategy, announced that she had a baby on the way, we enthusiastically uncovered our sewing machines and broke out the [...]

Favorite Room: Baby’s Nursery in a Closet

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When Ashley and Aron found out they were expecting a baby boy, they wondered if they should move out of their studio apartment. Could three people squeeze into just 500 square feet? But then they had the brilliant idea to turn a closet into the World’s Smallest Nursery. Now that their son, Hudson, has arrived, [...]