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Our Finds: Toasty Time

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In 2007, Orange County girl Hélène Park was missing California and adjusting to a Brooklyn winter when she discovered a hole in one of her hooded sweatshirts. She’d previously joked with pals about stitching gloves directly onto outwear so she wouldn’t lose them, and was hit with a eureka moment as she took the garment [...]

American Made Series: Belle Helmets

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Artist Danielle Baskin, a Chicago native and the proprietor of Belle Helmets, didn’t even wear bike helmets prior to moving to New York City. The NYU grad worked on her first helmet in 2007, and it was the first one she’d ever bought. “I decided to paint a blue sky on it to sort of…camouflage [...]

Editor Roundup: Healthy Snacks

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This post is presented by Silk Iced Latte. Discover a new way to latte! Perk up your afternoon with the smooth taste of NEW Silk Iced Latte, a delicious blend of Silk Soymilk and espresso. It’s 3 p.m., you’re staring at the clock, you’ve begun the midday slump,and your stomach is rumbling. Don’t run to the [...]

Ballet for Non-Ballerinas

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My secret to happiness is ballet class. It gets my endorphins going and keeps my mind busy. I have been taking classes in the city since college and, though I have found some good teachers, the schools always felt too competitive and crowded, like a weird flashback from the movie “Fame.” Then I found the [...]

The Stick: Muscle Massage

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It may look like a martial arts weapon, but this is my latest obsession for rolling out tight muscles.   My form of exercise is ballet and since ballet is all about stretching, I need to really work out the knots. I first saw the stick being used by a professional dancer, but it is [...]


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WHAT IT IS: A brand-new website (still in beta!) that offers one-stop browsing and booking for more than 100,000 group fitness classes nationwide. CATEGORIES: Yoga, cardio, Pilates, barre, strength training, martial arts, boot camp, pre-/postnatal and dance — although dig a little and you can get hyper-niche (think acroyoga, belly dancing, kangoo, stand-up paddleboarding, and so forth [...]