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Robin Sayers

Name: Robin Sayers, Beauty and Lifestyle Director
Hometown: Vienna, Virginia
What Inspires Me: Films, TV shows and music videos. Like pretty much everyone, I love the generally-accepted-as-super-stylish showcases (North by Northwest, Mad Men, Klute, Breathless, Huāyàng niánhuá) but I recently went bonkers for a look I saw on the Larry Sanders Show!
Trying to Learn: How to dog whisper like Cesar Milan. It's not going well.
My Perfect Saturday Morning: Watching my Chihuahua-mix, Cappy, get his run on in the the dog park at Washington Square Park while listening to Sean Penn narrate Bob Dylan's memoir, Chronicles: Volume 1
Best Occupational Perk: Being able to play with so many bottles of nail polish that I risk getting "the vapors."
Biggest Occupational Hazard: "The vapors" I get from testing so much nail polish!
Work Uniform: Sensible shoes (our floors here at MSL are polished concrete!) and a dress, sensible or otherwise.
Favorite Living Story: Anything that requires a photo of Martha's Chow Chow, Genghis Khan. When I die, I would like to come back as GK!
First Living Story: Our massive mascara round-up. There's a brush for every lash!
Most Un-Martha Trait: I doubt she's wasted as much of her life watching The Big Lebowski as I have, but who knows?

Traditions from Four Cultures: America, Greece, India & Nicaragua

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My dear friend Eleni N. Gage’s just wrote her first novel, “Other Waters” ($26; St. Martin’s Press). Much of Other Waters takes place in India, a country Eleni has visited numerous times while researching. She was a Folklore and Mythology major at Harvard, and has a lifelong love of traditions, so much so that the name [...]

Makeup: Second-Day Eyes

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Get a load of our intern Maeve Nicholson’s gorgeous peepers (one of them at least): I had a hunch that Maeve was “layering,” whereby yesterday’s and today’s eye cosmetics fraternize (probably a beauty trick developed circa 4,000 B.C. by some ancient Egyptian who overslept). Surely opthamologists, aestheticians, makeup artists and mothers everywhere are against this [...]

Score a “Make Your Own Drinky” (of The Colbert Report fame) kit!

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[ED. NOTE: Our TCR giveaway has ended and we'll announce the winner shortly. Thank you, commenters, for offering to give Gulpzilla 2 a good home!] Why needlessly suffer the embarrassment and shame that comes with sporting a lame Halloween costume? Or, maybe you’re just in the market for something new to wear on Casual Fridays. In [...]

The Prop Masters Series: Brendan Hurley of The Colbert Report

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Splice together the DNA of an adorable carpenter (let’s go with Harrison Ford) with that of a Jedi crafter (yes you, Martha), and—hey look, it’s Brendan Hurley! The Colbert Report’s prop master since 2006, Hurley is actually half-artisan, half-sleuth. The guy can create something out of nothing and track down practically anything, and all on [...]

50 Shades of Grey (Around Our Office)

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Skincare: Lavera Lip Balm

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TESTER: Clara / 9 / 3rd grader / Brooklyn, NY SIDEKICK: El Capitan / 4 / Chihuahua (+ a touch of pug) / NYC PRODUCT: Lavera Soft Rose Lip Balm ($6.50) BACKSTORY: It’s never boring around the Martha Stewart Living offices! The same day that my dog El Capitan (a.k.a. Cappy) was here visiting, Clara (driven by her dad, [...]