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Rachel Faucett

Name: Rachel Faucett; Designer and blogger at Handmade Charlotte
Hometown: Ludington, Michigan
What Inspires Me: My husband, Jonathan, and his amazing eye for design.
Family: Jonathan and I have five children, and we live on a farm outside of Atlanta.
Coolest Thing My Kids Have Taught Me: A never ending list of interesting facts about the world we live in: the deadliest snake or the fastest human being ever. I love all my new knowledge!
Trying To Learn: More embroidery techniques. I want to take a basket weaving class from my aunt, Bernadine Dosch.
Perfect Saturday Morning: I love when my kids pile over me, and we can hug and love without being rushed out the door.
D.I.Y or Etsy: Both! I'm a crafter but I also enjoy collecting artwork from people I admire.
Best Occupational Perk: I love all the books and craft supplies I get in the mail. After carpooling the children around, I come home to a big brown box by the door.
Work Uniform: I've been wearing Navajo moccasins that my mother bought me in the 8th grade. They're covered in glass beads with the most brilliant colors.
Recipe Follower or Improviser: I'm an improviser, for sure. I grew up with a second-generation Lithuanian mother who usually made recipes from "The Old Country" so I love anything with potatoes and bacon!
Favorite Living Story: Pilar Guzman's Brooklyn townhouse . Her house is the most perfect family home that I had ever seen – amazingly stylish but completely approachable.

2012′s Best Christmas Cookies

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It’s our last chance to bake up batches of the holiday season’s culinary star, so this weekend we’re breaking out the royal icing and getting down to business. To get you inspired, we’ve assembled a collection of the best Christmas cookies of 2012. Bon appetit! Basic Sugar Cookie Stars via Martha Stewart A simple yet perfect [...]

DIY Yarn Shag Gift Wrap

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Give your gifts a festive punch this year with this cheery DIY yarn shag gift wrap. In a few simple steps you can turn ordinary wrapping paper into a work of art. Inspired by the brilliant colors and textures of Moroccan rugs, the technique works with just about any color combination and can be applied [...]

8 Ways to Eat a Snowman

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The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without everyone’s frosty hero, the snowman. How could you possibly improve on winter’s best friend? Three simple words: Make him edible. Here are eight delectable little snowmen to bring joy to the hearts (and tummies) of your friends and family this year.   Coconut Snowmen via Martha Stewart Vanilla [...]

8 Pom-Pom Crafts for the Holidays

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If you’re going through a bit of a pom-pom craze like me, then I’ve got a surprise that’ll cut down on your craft research time. We found eight easy holiday crafts that feature this festive holiday ornament. This is a great project to get the kids involved, as well. Their tiny little hands will love [...]

A Travelogue in Tea Canisters

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Emily Meyer is a true citizen of the world. As the founding designer and chief creative officer of the well-loved Tea Collection children’s clothing line, the California native constantly travels the globe and weaves her experiences into everything she creates. We jumped at the chance to take a sneak peek at her Bay Area home [...]

The Collection: Folk Art Pottery

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The moment you step inside the Atlanta studio of jeweler Ashley Rush, you are struck by her obsessive attention to detail — something she attributes to her great-grandfather, a jeweler during the Great Depression. The designer’s southern roots also shine through in the things she collects. Ashley has collected folk art pottery for years, with [...]

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Perfect Tiny Basket

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For 81-year-old master craftsman Bernadine Dosch, the most beautiful things come in the smallest of packages. The Grayling, Michigan native regularly spends 40-60 hours creating one flawless basket tiny enough to fit into your hand. Bernie, as she is affectionately called, has been honing her craft for decades. The craft explosion of the ’70s first [...]

Meet the Maker: Sonya Yong James

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I recently had the pleasure of talking to Sonya Yong James about wool sculptures and home decor. Check out my interview with the genius behind Modern Fiber Lab. What is your fascination with wool? I have been working almost primarily with wool for about ten years. I love how an attraction to a particular medium [...]

The Collection: Alison Feldmann’s Handmade and West German Pottery

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Alison Feldmann knows when something is good from the moment she sees it. Like most collectors, she’s drawn in by the magic of a piece, and when hunting for additions to her collection of handmade and West German pottery, she doesn’t mind if it’s sixty years or six months old. The editor in chief of Etsy’s [...]

The Collection: Vintage Creative Playthings

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Hi, I’m Rachel Faucett, author of the design and lifestyle blog Handmade Charlotte. I’m so thrilled to be contributing to the Living blog! I’ll be showcasing fascinating collections and the talented people behind them. My childhood memories are filled with antique markets, artist studios, and a woman named Oz who sewed my mother’s designs. Collections [...]