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Rory Evans

Name: Rory Evans, Contributor
Hometown: Boxford, Massachusetts
What Inspires Me: Liberty fabric
Trying to Learn: Patience
Perfect Saturday Morning: Early run, come home to pancakes with my husband and daughter.
D.I.Y. or Etsy: A little bit of both
Best Occupational Perk: Surrounded by talent
Biggest Occupational Hazard: Wanting to order all the supplies in the craft department.
Favorite Living Recipe: Molasses cookies
Recipe-Follower or Improviser: Recipe riffer.
Work Uniform: In winter, black turtleneck sweater and black pants; summer, dresses.
First Martha Sighting: On the sidewalk, within arm’s reach, outside the building following the earthquake last summer.

Places to Stop Along the ADK Way

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Sure, you can happily plant yourself at a campsite or in a cabin for a week, but these sights are worth venturing out for. Here are some of Adirondack Park’s time-honored stops and old standbys. 1. Saddle Up Stables An old-fashioned horse stable with trails overlooking Lake George, it offers guide-led rides (even for toddlers). [...]

Elmo-mentous Event

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My mother is a woman of few words, but many birthday cakes. And summer is a busy time for her, with three (of her four) daughters and four (of her five) granddaughters having birthdays between May and August. Her baking process is usually a quick consult with the birthday-girl-to-be, getting a sense of most recent [...]

Fitness: Running Commentary

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I ran a half marathon about three weeks before I got pregnant with my daughter, three and a half years ago. Ever since I had her, I’ve half had it in my mind to run another one, just to prove to myself (and her, and her father …) that I could still do something like that. [...]

Putting the K in Manicure

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Lately, we’ve had nail polish on the brain (as well as on hands and feet), thanks in equal part to the kickoff of pedicure season and the mammoth nail-color stories we’ve been working on for both the print and iPad editions. Which is why I was drawn to these little (1/8 ounce each) four-packs of [...]