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Melissa Ozawa

Name: Melissa Ozawa, Senior Editor
Hometown: Moorestown, New Jersey
What Inspires Me: Garden books, poetry, novels and old British mysteries. I also love to travel, so I seek out gardens to visit whenever I'm in a new place.
Best Occupational Perk: Visiting beautiful gardens.
Biggest Occupational Hazard: Un-manicured hands and an achy back.
Work Uniform: Sunscreen and a big hat.
Perfect Saturday MorningHaving a breakfast of two farm fresh eggs, toast and hot tea with milk, then taking a walk in the garden.
Recipe-Follower or Improviser: Both! I tend to improvise when I cook and follow recipes very carefully when baking.
Biggest Gardening Disaster: I failed to recognize the work of a tomato hornworm before it decimated a treasured Green Zebra tomato plant. What an amazing insect! If only it weren't so destructive....

Our Find: Eudora’s Camellias

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When I was working on “The Writer’s Garden” for the April issue of Martha Stewart Living, I received a box in the mail from Susan Haltom, the garden designer and preservationist who spearheaded the rehabilitation of the Eudora Welty garden in Jackson, Mississippi. She had overnighted a bunch of Camellia japonica ‘Lady Clare’ to me. [...]

Wave Hill’s Garden Lectures

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Each winter I look forward to attending Wave Hill’s horticultural lecture series. I always learn something new, plus it’s a chance to look at pictures of beautiful gardens while outside the landscape is cold and quiet. Wave Hill’s director of horticulture Scott Canning opens each talk with a show and tell of a few snips [...]

Garden Getups

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We’re inspired by gardening styles that are as light and easy as summer itself. Remember, you are weeding and pruning, not tarring the roof. If the garden is an extension of a home and a life, so too should gardening clothes be. We love the sentiment behind the editor and writer Katharine White tending her [...]

Planting the Vegetable Garden

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This spring I planted our vegetable garden in Columbia County, New York. My nephews Milo (age 5, left) and Gideon (age 3) helped. In early spring, we started prepping the beds. We weeded, tilled the soil, and added fresh compost. One of the first seeds we planted was sugar snap peas. Last year they were [...]