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Maeve Nicholson

Name: Maeve Nicholson, American Made Special Events Editor
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
What Inspires Me: Traveling to new and faraway places, out-of-the-box thinkers, secret gardens, brilliant chefs, and great stories.
Trying to Learn: How to become a terrarium architect.
Perfect Saturday Morning: Waking up and still having plenty of morning sun, a flat white, a delicious brunch, and a day trip to some place new.
D.I.Y. or Etsy: D.I.Y, but I love Etsy for ideas!
Dream Kitchen: Would have a diverse spice rack and window boxes packed with fresh herb and cherry tomato plants.
Work Uniform: Lots of knits!
Most NOT like Martha: I don't like Chow-Chows.
Go-To Dish: A baked whole fish and lots of lemon.
Recipe-Follower or Improviser: Definitely an improviser.
Family: Includes a baby African pygmy hedgehog and a red poodle.

American Made Series: Silver Plume, CO

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On Friday, August 2nd, co-worker and friend, Lauren Tempera and I flew to Denver, Colorado, to attend one of the best parties I’ve been to all year. Because of my work with Martha Stewart’s American Made Movement, a personal love of artisans and makers, and passion for discovery through travel, I’m fascinated with “maker” communities. [...]

American Made Series: Greenville, South Carolina

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A few weeks ago, I was invited to visit Greenville, South Carolina. I was particularly interested in this visit because of the craftsmen, artisans, and food entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm to introduce themselves to me and show off their workspaces, wares, and talent–something that I’ve been interested in ever since I started my work with the American [...]

American Made Series: Summer Sandals

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Here is our summer-inspired American Made sandal roundup—stylish, with comfort and sustainability in mind. Let us know if we missed any of your favorites, and check out our American Made Facebook page for more of our favorite locally made finds. Barbara Shaum’s stunning leather sandals are made in Manhattan and are an example of beautiful [...]

Catstudio Bags

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This past weekend marked the unofficial start to summer. We can’t wait to spend the season picnicking in the park or lounging at the beach. We recently discovered these bags by Catstudio, and knew they’d be perfect for any outing summer throws our way. Woven on a special loom, these cheery Riviera bags are handmade [...]

Save Your Skin: 4 Tested-and-Approved Sunscreens

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In the depths of a brutal New York City winter, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hop on a plane and fly halfway across the world to Australia. I knew that this escapade would involve some unavoidable pitfalls (the 20-hour plane ride, jet lag, and Vegemite breakfasts, to name a few), but there [...]

American Made Series: Oddly Correct

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Part coffee shop, part part printing press, the crew behind Oddly Correct is seriously passionate about what they are roasting and where they stand in the world of coffee. How was Oddly Correct born? Oddly Correct was born out of a mix of coffee passion and a strong belief that one could do what one [...]

American Made Series: Humble Ceramics

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Modern and rustic elements combine perfectly in the Humble Ceramics pottery line. Los Angeles based artist Delphine Lippens, owner and founder of the line, only recently discovered her passion and talent for ceramic design. Now, much of her time is spent in a beautiful communal studio, filled with talented people who all share a love of clay. [...]

American Made Series: Anandamayi Arnold

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In January’s issue of Living, artist Anandamayi Arnold‘s remarkable crepe paper kumquat made its gorgeous debut. She has been skillfully creating an array of handcrafted pieces out of her home in California. Has your work changed or evolved since you started working with paper? I’ve been making things out of paper for as long as I can remember, but my [...]

American Made Series: Rose Story Farm

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On this month’s American Made Series page in Living, we featured Danielle and Bill Hahn of Rose Story Farm. The couple has specialized in heritage American roses since 1998. Have you always had a passion for gardening? I have always had a passion for what comes out of a garden, but had tried to stay away from the dirt and the [...]

American Made Series: Banquet Atelier & Workshop

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Sarah and Tammy are the talented artists behind Banquet Atelier & Workshop. Based in Vancouver, their paper creations capture the natural world in a burst of color and imagination. What were the paths that led the two of you to paper design? We’ve both always loved paper. When she was young, Sarah was obsessed with paper [...]