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Melissa Milrad Goldstein

Tastemaker: Get to Know Josie Maran—Better

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Spending a whole morning with a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is enough to make anyone swear off fats (and food) for the rest of their days, but a few hours with Josie Maran had the complete opposite effect. Instead we left, preaching the beauty gospel of good fats like argan oil, and wishing we [...]

Expert Tips: Brow Shaping How-To

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There are those who believe that a well-arched brow is akin to a facelift; and they’re not so wrong about that. Think about it: As we age, gravity becomes one of our greatest foes. Everything just droops. So we try to create illusions to draw the eye upward, and that’s the effect that’s created with [...]

Keratin 101

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Most people who’ve tried keratin treatments love them. Then why all the bad press? Keratin treatments—salon processes that use protein to smooth hair and reduce frizz for up to three months—have been under scrutiny ever since they hit the U.S. in 2007. Consumers love the results that include hair that doesn’t immediately puff out in [...]

Brow Mistakes Even Beauty Editors Make

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While at a press event this morning, I was offered a chance to have my brows done and I jumped at the chance. Good thing—otherwise I’d never have met the supremely talented brow artist Maribeth Madron. See, here’s the thing: Although I’ve written dozens of how-to-tweeze-your-brows stories, and I can coach you through the angles and [...]

My Facial with Cornelia Zicu

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Cornelia Zicu loves to talk about skin. She’s a less-is-more proponent who knows a whole lot about ingredients and believes that the right skin care regimen can delay the need for cosmetic procedures. And for those of us who’ve followed her for years, it’s hard to find fault with that assertion. Her facials leave your [...]

Jump In Feet First

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Two reflexology joints have recently opened in the sleepy corner of Northeast Westchester, New York, close to where I live. Granted this is an area where nail salons outnumber grocery stores by a margin of 3-to-1, but I can’t help but think the popularity of this phenomenon has less to do with day-to-day grind we [...]

Tastemaker: Get to Know J. Crew’s Jenny Cooper

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If you’re a mom, chances are you’ve jonesed for Jenny Cooper’s designs for Crewcuts, J. Crew’s pint-sized collection for kids. But her quirky personal style is every bit as eclectic—and enviable. Talking with her, we were delighted by all the insights she had to share. We couldn’t fit them all into Living’s April issue, so [...]

Three Skincare Ingredients Worth Their Salt

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Thanks to Olay for bringing us this post. Find your beauty ritual at Skincare is complicated and confusing. We get it. With so many products lining shelves and new “miracle” ingredients being touted every month, it’s hard to make sense of what’s really necessary. And who do you listen to: beauty editors, your best friend, [...]