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Jodi Levine

Name: Jodi Levine, Crafts Editor at Large
Hometown: Queens, New York
What Inspires Me: Vintage craft books from the 1950s and 60s
Family: My sons, ages 6 and 9, and my husband
Coolest Things My Kids Have Taught Me: Planet facts, dinosaur names, the periodic table (still learning), two letter words to improve my Scrabble many things!
My Perfect Saturday Morning: A cozy pileup in bed with my boys, funny-shaped pancakes (not always on purpose), mu husband's smoothies and a sunny warm walk around our neighborhood to hit some stoop sales.
Trying to Learn: To follow instructions when baking and cooking!
Dream Room Our craft room at work. After crafting here all week, it's always a shock to do stuff at home with limited supplies and tools.
Recipe-Follower or Improviser: Improviser
Best Occupational Perk: Delicious treats from the test kitchen!
Biggest Occupational Hazard: Hot glue gun burns.
Work Uniform: Something comfy such as an American Apparel T-shirt dress and a big necklace to dress it up.
Favorite Living Recipe: Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies
First Time Meeting Martha: She made a surprise visit during my job interview.
Most Un-Martha Trait: I need more sleep than she does!

Heather Ross Prints!

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You may already be a fan of Heather Ross and her bright, whimsical fabrics. Heather is an illustrator, sewer, crafter, fabric designer and blogger. She has a huge following in the sewing and quilting world where her prints often sell out and become collectible, going for big sums on eBay! Have you seen her latest [...]

Dispatch from Queens: E*Space Party

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Last week a group of us from Martha Stewart Living were lucky to attend a party to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the E*Space, aka Entrepreneurs Space, in Queens, NY (my home borough!). The Entrepreneur Space is a partnership between the Queens Economic Development Corporation and Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen. Funded in part through [...]

A Homemade Contraption Kit

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My super-creative friends Margaret McCartney and Jeff Rotter came up with a Christmas gift for their son that would be the perfect birthday present for any imaginative kid: a homemade Contraption Kit. From Margaret: My son Felix is obsessed with building contraptions. Rube Goldberg-style machines that may or may not actually function. Just before Christmas, he [...]

An Easy Kid-Centric Filing System

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  In Good Things in our October issue I showed how I use these presentation binders, one of my favorite items from the office supply store, to organize my piles and piles of paper. These books are perfect for filing visual items like images torn from magazines and catalogs and also for paper keepsakes. I prefer them [...]

Squid Treasure Hunt Birthday Party

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What is better than a birthday party with a unique theme inspired by the real passions of the birthday kid? My brother recently sent me a picture of a giant squid piñata from just this kind of party. He and his family attended their friend CJ’s treasure-hunt-themed 9th birthday party, “In Search of Squid Island.” [...]

Science Birthday Party

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                                    My youngest son requested a science-themed party for his sixth birthday this past February, but because our small apartment couldn’t hold the 20 kindergarteners and many messy experiments on his list, he agreed to wait until spring [...]

Oreo-Themed Office Birthday Party!

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Today I am sharing another spectacular office birthday party, this one for Alex Perruzzi, VP Merchandising. An offhanded mention of his favorite cookie to coworkers led to this most crowd-pleasing party theme. Oreos inspired all the food (sweet and savory) as well as the card and decor. You may have seen Alex demonstrating our craft [...]

Caine’s Arcade

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Have you seen this short film about a nine-year-old boy and the arcade he built using found cardboard boxes? If not, it is a must-watch. I guarantee that you will fall in love with this sweet boy and his industrious and creative spirit! Caine Monroy spent his summer at his dad’s used auto parts store [...]

Organizing for Summer Camp

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I did it: I finally got my kids signed up for all their different summer camps (robot making, animation, skateboard design … I’m jealous!). They are going to day camp so the organizing is pretty simple — labeling their gear will be my main project. If your kids are going to sleepaway camp, there is [...]

Office Birthday Party: “Star Wars”!

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As you might imagine, we have some amazing office birthday parties here at Martha Stewart Living. Inspiration often comes from the birthday boy or girl’s favorite food, color, hobby, movie, etc. For my last birthday, my coworkers channeled their inner sci-fi nerds and threw me an out-of-this-world (sorry) party to celebrate my love of “Star Wars.” [...]