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Joanna Goddard

Name: Joanna Goddard, Blogger at Cup of Jo
Hometown: The suburbs of Michigan
Family: My husband, our toddler son and I live together in Manhattan
What Inspires Me: Sitting by the water and watching the waves
Trying to Learn: How to skateboard!
Coolest Thing My Kid Has Taught Me: To appreciate strawberries (they're delicious!) and to smile at strangers
Best Occupational Perk: Connecting online with so many amazing women
Biggest Occupational Hazard: Carpal tunnel syndrome. I always ask my husband to massage my arms when I'm falling asleep!
Work Uniform: Old jeans and a gray shirt. (I work from home, clearly.)
Most Un-Martha Trait: I’m hopeless at cooking! My husband is the chef in our family. When I'm dining alone at home, I just eat cheese and crackers (and pour a giant glass of wine).

Favorite Room: Living Room Trapeze

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If you stop by the Brooklyn home of Sophie Demenge, the founder of the charming children’s line Oeuf, you might find children swinging from the ceiling. But that’s okay. The French-American family has a trapeze in their living room, and everyone — Sophie; her husband, Michael; their two children, Mae, 10, and Marius, 7 — has [...]

A Room of Her Own

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Designer Julia Leach – the genius behind the clothing line Chance – has a living room that you want to, well, live in. Here, we chat about her art, books, and secret movie wall … In your bookcase, the shelves of books look like waves. What’s the story? I have this right-brain-left-brain combo, so when I was [...]

Favorite Room: Baby’s Nursery in a Closet

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When Ashley and Aron found out they were expecting a baby boy, they wondered if they should move out of their studio apartment. Could three people squeeze into just 500 square feet? But then they had the brilliant idea to turn a closet into the World’s Smallest Nursery. Now that their son, Hudson, has arrived, [...]