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Jennifer Miller

Name: Jennifer Miller
Position: Photo Director
Hometown: Chevy Chase, Maryland
What Inspires Me: Good photos
Trying to Learn: Sewing
Perfect Saturday Morning: Going to the farmer's market with the family
Biggest Occupational Hazard: Tired eyes
Best Occupational Perk: Good company
Work Uniform: Whatever I am in the mood for…
First Martha Sighting: West Village restaurant
Most Un-Martha Trait: I don’t plan my dinner parties
Go-to Dish: Domburi
Family: Husband, twin boys, dog, cats, fish, seamonkies
Coolest Thing My Kid Has Taught Me: You can’t control everything

Our Find: A Dog Lovers’ Guide to Williamsburg

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My friend Teresa has always loved dogs, shopping and food. As the manager of Blue Ribbon Sushi and the fashion show collection manager for Anna Sui, she has excellent taste, as do her well-behaved mini Australian shepherds, Dailo and Lola. Her blog Dailola’s Daily Dose lets us discover the coffee shops, stores and cafes of [...]

The Photographer’s Eye: Holger Thoss’ Family Panoramas

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  I met the photographer Holger Thoss years ago when we were both working at the documentary agency, Magnum. I still have a great love of reportage photography and looking at Holger’s incredible family panoramas, I see that he does too. The photographs are beautifully constructed from different shots of one family as they participate [...]

The Photographer’s Eye: Rick Haylor’s Décor Inspiration

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I am a big collector of vintage photographs and especially love panoramas of people. Unfortunately, my panoramas live in a box because I have never been able to figure out how to display them tastefully.  Thank you to photographer Rick Haylor for solving this dilemma. I love the idea of hanging them salon style and [...]

The Photographer’s Eye: Sharon Beals

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As the photo director at Martha Stewart Living, I am constantly looking through photography books in my office, but my recent obsession is Sharon Beals’ book, Nests: Fifty Nests and the Birds that Built Them. The nests are photographed simply against black and I am struck by the creativity and effort of these animals. I [...]

Ballet for Non-Ballerinas

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My secret to happiness is ballet class. It gets my endorphins going and keeps my mind busy. I have been taking classes in the city since college and, though I have found some good teachers, the schools always felt too competitive and crowded, like a weird flashback from the movie “Fame.” Then I found the [...]

The Stick: Muscle Massage

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It may look like a martial arts weapon, but this is my latest obsession for rolling out tight muscles.   My form of exercise is ballet and since ballet is all about stretching, I need to really work out the knots. I first saw the stick being used by a professional dancer, but it is [...]

Roger & Gallet Beauty Products

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A few years ago, I hugged a friend of mine hello and I was smitten. What is your perfume? No perfume, she said. But you must be wearing some micro perfume from Paris! It was Roger & Gallet. I immediately bought the Shiso body cream she was wearing. I like being able to do two [...]