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Alex Sanidad

Name: Alex Sanidad
Hometown: Queens, New York
Trying to learn: how to play Joe Henry's "All Blues Hail Mary" on guitar.
Perfect Saturday morning: Running 5K at first light then sleeping for a couple of hours. Pancakes, coffee, the newspaper.
D.I.Y. or Etsy: Etsy
Work uniform: Dresses, pencil skirts, black cowl-neck shirts. Viking helmet. A cilice. Assless chaps.
First Martha sighting: About two years prior to starting work here, stepping from her towncar into the old MSLO offices by Bryant Park.
Favorite Living story: "Cabinets of Curiosities," October 2011. Our profile on the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, which has a collection of objects that people have accidentally swallowed, and a giant colon.
Go-to dish: Chicken tagine.
Recipe-follower or Improviser: I usually follow it the first time, improvise once I get the hang of it.

Our Finds: Red Hot Roasters

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Always on the search for the perfect cup of coffee, writer Alex Sanidad was excited to hear about Red Hot Roasters, a small-batch, drive-thru coffee shop in Louisville, Kentucky. Alex recently caught up with owner Sondra Powell to learn more about her retro roasting business… How did Red Hot Roasters come to be? I spent a lot [...]

Our Finds: Toasty Time

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In 2007, Orange County girl Hélène Park was missing California and adjusting to a Brooklyn winter when she discovered a hole in one of her hooded sweatshirts. She’d previously joked with pals about stitching gloves directly onto outwear so she wouldn’t lose them, and was hit with a eureka moment as she took the garment [...]

American Made Series: Belle Helmets

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Artist Danielle Baskin, a Chicago native and the proprietor of Belle Helmets, didn’t even wear bike helmets prior to moving to New York City. The NYU grad worked on her first helmet in 2007, and it was the first one she’d ever bought. “I decided to paint a blue sky on it to sort of…camouflage [...]

American Made Series: Pillbug Designs

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About five years ago, Michigan girl Missy Orge observed a flock of birds standing in the snow. “It struck me how cold their legs must get,” she says. “Tiny, bony legs and those fat, little bodies.” When she couldn’t stop thinking about it, Orge hit the sewing machine and produced a pair of green flowered [...]