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It is bitter cold here in New York, so I am planning a weekend indoors. But just because I am apartment-bound doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. Cooking some caramel confections, knitting a scarf and making my hands silky smooth—it all sounds like a productive weekend to me!

With the number of scarves I wear, it is about time I learned how to knit. Check out this Knit 101 post for help.

You can throw all your warm winter blankets in these bright oversized baskets.

Spend a few hours this weekend whipping up this scrumptious Dulce de Leche recipe.

Photographer Prue Ruscoe shows off some beautiful Australian interior design.

Fight dry skin this winter with this homemade lemon sugar hand scrub.

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  • I work from home, so all of these recs are magnificent ways to fight cabin fever and embrace the indoors in sub-zero weather. Thanks, Kayla!!

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