Christmas Scavenger Hunt


Christmas scavenger hunts are typically a way to keep the kids from ripping through their presents in a flash. But in my family, the scavenger hunts began when we were much older, in high school. My brother, sister, and I kept asking for cash and gift cards for Christmas, so my mom and dad devised a way to make us work for our money.

Even now (my brother is 25, my sister is 19, and I’m 22), we all begged for another hunt this season. Our adventures take us around town, caroling at neighbors’ houses, doing random good deeds, and taking pictures with some iconic spots in town. My parents sit on the couch and laugh as they see our real-time photo updates.

When our clues finally send us back to the house, we have to perform a skit or musical number. For the last two years, we’ve gone with a classic round of “Row Your Boat.” We keep it simple.

My mom writes the clues, such as the one above, herself. But if you aren’t the rhyming type, here are a few pre-made clues to spice up your Christmas morning…

These printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt clues from Etsy, $5, are simple enough for younger kids to solve.


You can choose from a list of age-appropriate clues or create your own with these printable cards, $7.99.

If your child isn’t reading yet, you can use these free picture clues to send them around the house in search of their presents. Have fun!

Kayla Alewel is an editorial assistant at Martha Stewart Living. She spends hours wandering through book shops and searching for a Manhattan bakery that can compete with the ones in Paris. Follow her on Pinterest @kaylaalewel.

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