Our Finds: Non-Prescription Glasses


My 20/20 vision makes me feel guilty. I can see perfectly without the aid of glasses or contacts, yet I own three different pairs of specs. This isn’t a new obsession either. My little sister and I bought our first pairs of fake glasses when I was 12 years old and she was eight.

And the collection only grew from there. During my first week in our office, my co-workers complimented my eyewear.  When I confessed that they were fake, I got a chuckle and an eye roll from every bi-focal donning employee. Why would I wear glasses if I didn’t need to?

While a lot of people who wear glasses day in and day out consider them a hassle, I look forward to it.  I’ve even worn my glasses around my apartment on a Sunday when I’m alone. Yeah, that happens.

So for all the elective glasses lovers out there, I’ve found some great specs for you!

Sloan, Warby Parker, $95


Metropolis Readers, Urban Outfitters, $14


Chamberlain, Warby Parker, $95

Perry Tortoise Optical, Illesteva, $175

Handmade Acetate and Metal Cat’s-Eye Glasses, Elizabeth & James, $215

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  • I used to run around town wearing non prescription glasses all the time. Now I have to wear prescription glasses and forgot wearing them how fun they could be.
    Thanks for reminding me that glasses are cool and can be stylish and fun!

  • the last black ones are stunning

  • These are wonderful, thank you. Also,am I a bad person for saying that there is a typo in the blog post? Just FYI. I’d want someone to tell me. :)

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