Last-Minute Holiday Party Snacks (and a Giveaway!)


There’s no denying the pure joy when you first dig into your Thanksgiving meal, but juggling all of the cooking can be stressful at times, even for an experienced chef. If you’re in a pinch, visit Many Kitchens, an artisanal online marketplace where you can find gourmet goodies (think white truffle popcornshortbread cookies, and double smoked bacon) that are sure to impress your guests with very little (if any) prep work. You never need to worry about quality—most items are sourced locally and made with sustainable ingredients.

Many Kitchens was kind enough to host a giveaway for our readers! Find out how to enter by watching this hilarious video, that I think resonates with all of us…

You can also view the video here. Read the official rules for the giveaway here.

So, tell us: What are your go-to holiday party snacks?

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  • I would love to enter the breakfast in bed giveaway. Fun video too and as always the gourmet goodies are perfect-to share, give, to indulge! Contact info above–the website is a very new blog that I started, yet it is NOT quite finished out–still learning so will look FAB before too much longer!
    Terry Lancaster
    309 Harvest Bend Drive
    Wylie, Texas 75098

  • I would love to win the Breakfast in Bed giveaway sounds divine!

    Thank you for the chance to win

  • Popcorn! Is my favorite snack period. It gets even better when I can dress it up with goodies like chocolate and such for the holidays.

  • Holiday cookies, pies, and a holiday Chex mix.

    Charity S

    charitywism at aol dot com


  • I go to the store!

  • Thanks! Would love to win.

  • I liked the video – I have been tempted to use my rolling pin the same way!

  • Mahout holidays!!


    Krueger dot anni at gmail dot com

  • Well that was supposed to say happy holidays.. :)

  • Great video!

    Jessica Hilden


  • Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks for this delightful giveaway and post. Loved the cute video.

  • I would love nothing more than having my husband bring me this while i am led in bed on a Saturday morning. What a great way to start the day!!

  • I’d love to win! Funny vid.

  • Popcorn! Dried fruit, cookies and nuts :)

  • Great giveaway!

  • Cookies and fudge!

  • such a great video!

  • Bacon wrapped jalapenos

  • Great idea – especially when you are in a pinch.

  • Would love that gift!!

  • My husband and I would love to win the Breakfast in Bed giveaway! We are moving next month, and it would be so special to enjoy it our first morning in our new home!

  • This would be wonderful!

  • I need this to stop from being stressed!!

  • Hilarious video!
    Would love to win a breakfast in bed box set.

    Marry Liu

  • Fingers crossed in Montana!

  • Love the video :) This would definitely bring some yummy holiday cheer to our household!

    Mary Miller

  • I always learn something.

  • Kayleen Souza ~~

  • What a fun video! I usually get my snacks from Central Market, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and of course home made! :) Happy holidays!
    futurowoman at gmail dot com

  • I just adore breakfast in bed!!! Would love to be the winner! Thanks!

  • great video and give away…
    sdfjowens at live dot com

  • cookies, pies, and other baked goods

  • Queso, salsa, and chips!

    Rachel Zertuche

  • That was a great video! I’m a little kitchen challenged and can totally relate to throwing away the chocolate sauce!

    Cassandra Lawson

  • i want me some

  • Love the idea of breakfast in bed. Loved the video and didn’t know about your site until now. Will definitely shop with you. Sandy Boyles

  • Love love love shortbread cookies and chai tea. Peppermint bark is another favorite! Thanks for the chance to win breakfast in bed, I could definitely use some pampering! :-)

  • I really love the spirit of creativity Martha Stewart gives everyone. Professionals and novices alike can enjoy all of her ideas, and continue them into their own personal lives. She’s such an inspiration!

  • Great video!

  • Looks delicious!
    Dana Attwood

  • Breakfast in bed? Yes please!!!

  • Breakfast in bed? Oh… that sounds so nice!

  • I would love to win the Breakfast in Bed giveaway!!!

  • Baking Homemade Cookies

  • How can I say no to breakfast in bed, particularly on a Monday?
    Sign me up! Ilse Colby at

  • video was fun, I’ve seen my own kids covered in chocolate like that when I’ve tried to interest them in “kitchen” creations….lol, sometimes you win…sometimes it’s just a mess!
    Breakfast in bed sounds great….can’t remember the last time that happened

  • Shirley delp

  • Cute,what a treat!

  • Would love to win. Thank you!

  • Shirley delp

  • A cheese plate with summer sausages, crackers, fruit and olives.

  • Sounds like it could be some yummy stuff

    Jessica Tucker

  • Can’t get enough of the white truffle popcorn!

    Katelyn Smathers

  • Among the many things I like to serve are cheese and crackers, vegetables and dip and party punch..

  • snazzy tune :) I would love to get a breakfast-in-bed kit

  • I have a rolling pin and haven’t used it yet :)

  • Pam Flynn

    That was totally my daughter’s Thanksgiving day! love it!!! lol

  • My favorite Holiday party food items is an assortment of hot dips served from the crockpot. Like queso and others. You know they make pretty crockpots! ha! But it is good!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  • I would love to win this:) I never win anything and if I did, this would be my favorite treat!

  • I enjoyed the video.. Great way to market as it leaves a lasting memory!

  • Sergio Morua-Martinez

    Many Kitchens is great!

  • I’d love to win the breakfast in Bed giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Would love to win!!

  • I enjoy everything Martha! Such a feast for the senses. This blog and print media…fill me with holiday delight. Breakfast in Bed…wow.

  • Funny video and I would love the breakfast menu!

  • A cheese platter is my dependable standby.


    Pamela Babbidge

  • I love Martha’s recipes, tips, tricks, and shortcuts. I use her cookie recipes every year. I usually make about 5 different types of cookies and package them up all nice, like Martha would do, and give them as Christmas gifts. I have a huge extended family and they all say that they look forward to my cookie boxes every year. Thank you Martha for your brilliance and for sharing it with the world. P.S. I would love to win the contest but I won’t hold my breath..I just wanted to Martha and her team know how much she is appreciated. :)
    Katelyn Kesicki

  • I’d love to win :-)

  • Love the video. I never have had breakfast in bed.

  • I would love to win breakfast in bed! Boy do I need it too.

  • Nine family members in this house. I’m the only one who cooks. Would live to win.

  • Love it! Hope I win!!!!

    What a great giveaway!!

  • Happy Holidays! This is a lovely idea; thank you! I would love to win this ;)

  • I want breakfast in bed!!!

  • Would love to win!

  • As the video suggests, purchasing a Many Kitchens gourmet food basket helps keep your home free of cooking messes as well as rolling pin misuse. Hoping to win the gift basket giveaway.

  • I always like to include some fruit and cheese at my parties.

  • I would love to win especially since I never have any luck at winning anything.

  • These look amazing! Such a great gift!!!

  • Yummmmmm! This girl would love to eat these treats in bed!

  • This is me, entering! Breakfast in bed is hard with a toddler, so this would be nice :)

  • Timing is perfect for breakfast in bed, as I’ve just researched and decided on buying a glass electric tea kettle. Perfect together!

  • Wow! Love the idea of a breakfast-in-bed kit!
    Jody Haller

  • Love the idea of all artisanal products from small business! Would love to win?

  • Yum! Candice(dot)

  • My birthday is coming up a breakfast in bed surprise would be wonderful

  • Cheese and crackers and some dishes of peppermint bark seem to disapear. Loved the video for a smile.

  • Pick me!

  • Entering win – Thank you!

  • Saturdays are our family breakfast days and I always cook. I’d love to share this with my family.

  • I would love to win. I love all of the recipe’s and ideas

  • Happy Holidays and good luck to all!

  • Love your breakfast basket looks so good

  • Oooooh, it’s so hard to pick favorites during the holidays! Crudite with hummus, baked brie with jams, sparkly petite cookies, and teas galore! Can’t forget the mini bottles of chocolate mint Baileys that fit so perfectly in your purse for those large family gatherings!

  • love to make bruschetta! and would also love to win the breakfast in bed box! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Would love to have breakfast in bed! On my day off of course, served by someone who I always cook for–they know who they are.

  • Please Please Please!!! Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

  • Sounds yummy. I would love to win. Thank you.

  • Breakfast in Bed would be a WONDERFUL treat.
    Thank you for considering me!

  • I would love to win a breakfast in bed box set. Sounds wonderful!!
    Melissa Brunner
    Newstead, NY

  • I am ready for breakfast in bed!!

  • I would love to win this! I’m throwing a Christmas party at my home by myself and am feeling so overwhelmed!

  • My go-to holiday snacks are:
    bacon-wrapped gorgonzola dates
    buffalo wing dip with celery sticks
    hot artichoke dip
    and mini quiches.

    I’d love to win the Breakfast in Bed giveaway:)

  • Christmas is my favorite holiday. I think, no I know that you put a secret camera in my house while I was making my infamous Italian cookies as gifts….how dare you! My go-to party snacks are homemade veg dip with small corns and snap pees as dippers.
    kelly kennedy
    west hartford, ct

  • I treat all of our family & friends to gifts of homemade banana bread, baklava, cookies and several other goodies every Christmas. Love to bake especially during the holidays! Great video and Happy Holidays!

  • I would love to win-I think the only breakfast in bed that I’ve ever had was from my daughter’s but that’s been quite a while ago. I really miss it.

    Delonia Quinones

  • Those cookies look scrumptious ! Merry Christmas !

  • Cookies for breakfast – YUM!
    Just like sleep-overs at Grandma’s house!

    Happy Holidays!

  • I would love to win this gift box! My husband and I recently retired and have time in the morning now to enjoy this. ( I taught school for 34 years!). What a great retirement surprise this would be for us!

  • Love breakfast time. I would love it even more if I didn’t have to make it!!

  • I’ve felt this way many times cooking for family and friends.

  • Cute Video!
    Cindy Mansfield
    southerngallery @ yahoo. com

  • I would love to win this !!!!

  • Cheese, crackers, and salami are what I like to have out when I have guests over (or just for myself!) Hope to win the breakfast in bed kit!

    Amanda Smith

  • Bev Pasternak

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win this. That’s a real great treat for some dear soul.

  • I would like to enter the contest :) thanks!

  • looks like a great prize

  • I would love to win. I have a lot of Martha Stewarts products and am always looking how she does different things. Martha you rock!

  • Love this time of year and am always busy feeding the kids and cooking for the holidays, would love to have my breakfast brought to me in bed!

  • Good video and yes I want to enter the giveaway, thank you

  • Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this. Anyone would be thoroughly delighted I’m sure.

  • My go-to holiday party snacks would be assortment of nuts & fruits, mini pigs in a blanket, along with spinach dips and chips.

  • Would love to win this.

  • O so umm me and my husband would like to have that kind of breakfast.

  • Love this video, too funny. Love the little girl with bowl of chocolate, ends up drizzling on ice cream.

  • Would love to win this beautifully curated prize!

    Alice Lam

  • love the video

    joseph gersch

  • my go to recipes are cheese & meat trays, cheese dips, pigs in a blanket for the kiddos and taco crescent wreath.

  • breakfast in bed….sounds delicious…

  • I love breakfast. Thanks for the chance to win the breakfast in bed prize.

  • I love to make whiskey balls.

  • Looks like a great site: especially found the round, fancy-edged shortbread cookies
    very appealing.

  • I think we all get a little overwhelmed at this time of year!

  • Yummmm!!! My email was entered above. I don’t want it public

  • Oh, I totally love marmalade, maple syrup and pancakes! That would be wonderful! But for holiday treats, I usually make cookies and quick breads, and maybe a dense dried fruit and nut version of fruitcake. Love to make gift baskets and trays with those items.

  • Breakfast in bed ? What is that !!!!! My old days while I was single and still living with parents. Cookies they look amazing. I am a cookie fan big time !!!!

  • What a nice giveaway.

  • Would love to win this awesome gift! Breakfast in bed. Love…anyway, I need a break. I have twin boys. Need I say more?!! Already dreaming of winning……

  • This would be so nice to win!

  • sounds like a great gift and I will make good use if I am chosen, thanks

  • What a lovely way to start the holidays with breakfast in bed. “Tea” trimmings with pancakes and maple syrup would be spot on. Pick me, pick me!

  • Would love to win!

  • I loved the video. So many of us are so busy that cooking is a hectic affair, but it can be fun too.



  • Would love some cookies and popcorn!


    Patricia Klindt

  • I love Martha!!!! Pick me pick me!!! Pretty please!

  • Seafood dips and warm, fresh toasted french bread.

  • Kristina moya

  • Would love to win! Yum!
    Becky at grannybsclothesline dot com

  • What a treat for a hard working Mom and wife. The breakfast in bed box sounds delicious! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Nothing better than breakfast in bed , especially around the holidays! Would love to win this!

  • Would LOVE breakfast in bed ;-)

  • I always have nuts, a wide variety, some sweet and some savory.

  • Totally enjoyed the blog, & would absolutely love to win this gift! You guys rock!!!!

  • Num num sounds delish.

  • Loved the video and would love to win!

  • Elizabeth Foster

  • Would love to win this!

  • Cool Video. Let’s Have More. Go-To Holiday Party Snacks: Egg Nog & Martha Stewart’s Gingerbread Cookies

  • I like to make a queso dip in the small crockpot with tortilla chips.
    Thanks for the chance to win some yummy goodies!


  • Happy Holidays to you! I would LOVE to win the Bed & Breakfast giveaway to share with my best friend. She’s had a rough year, and it would be awesome to do something nice for her. Thanks!
    Kenya Carver

  • Wow as a new Mom who is also a foodie I am really struggling to balance my own kitchen expectations with having a new baby, I miss being able to create and eat amazing food. Now I am settling for being happy it’s hot! This looks amazing!! With these products even my kitchen challenged husband could create something the foodie in me is deeply missing! Thanks for the chance to win from a very tired momma!

  • Breakfast in bed?!? Please, I have two teenage daughter’s…I need a moment or two of peace!!! :)

    Peggy Stenglein
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Linda Davis Siess
    My go-to holiday snack is goat cheese and lemon-thyme-olive oil-black pepper marinated olives – yum! Happy holidays!

  • Yum!

  • Shortbread…mmmm!

    Ginger Rodriguez

  • Oh, dear. I must have this. I adore the video and LOVE your “stuff!”

  • How lovely!! Happy Holidays!!

  • Count me in!

  • my favorites are spiced nuts..

  • I sure could use a breakfast in bed about now.
    Ruth Hoernig

  • Bed and breakfast would be lovely! :)

  • Wow breakfast in bed! Dare to dream! It has been a very busy holiday season already. We have moved into a new home and I spending lots of time trying to decide where to put my decorations and how they fit in my new home. I’m also hosting several parties, including my husband’s library board. Breakfast in bed would be heaven!

  • Naomi Ulrich

    Brunch is my favorite meal!

  • Forgot to add my normal holiday go to snacks are:

    Goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto
    Cheese platter with rain coast crisps, figs and olives
    Smoked salmon capers red onion on a sliced multigrain baguette with cream cheese

  • would love breakfast in bed for me and my little guy!

  • Would love a little pampering over the holidays — breakfast in bed is a wonderful way to start the day!

  • We love to bake cookies as a go to snack. Always made from scratch so we can customize them :) Added bonus, the whole house smells yummy and the oven keeps the house warms :)

  • I have 3 go to holiday snacks that I make. Chocolate chip cookies,sugar cookies,and cream cheese cookies with cherry pie filling on top.

  • Look delicious:)

  • I have been a true, true follower of all your talents! and Knowledge. I would love to win the breakfast in bed.

  • I love shortbread cookies! And I loved the video too!

  • Ooo, thank you for a lovely giveaway!

    My go-to snacks are rosemary crackers with blue cheese crumbles and a drizzle of honey and sharp cheddar with yummy crackers.

    Thank you!


  • How wonderful it would be to look forward to these treats after walking the dogs in the early morning.

  • Yummy. Pick me please!

  • Martha, I would love this!! This would certainly make my holiday bright!! Love ya <3 <3

  • I would love to win a breakfast in bed gift box. It would be so nice to be able to have a little extra TLC especially on those days when my energy level is super low.

  • My go to appetizers are good chess selections, olives, and homemade stuffed mushrooms.
    annmuth at yahoo dot com

    Ann Muth

  • What a cute ideal. I had never heard of Many Kitchens. Went to the website to check it out. Loved all that I saw. Thanks for the introduction.

  • Would love breakfast in bed

  • Boy oh boy would this be a nice treat! :-)


  • Wow…yum yum…looks great to me! I need to branch out from my chip, dip, cheese and cracker routine.

  • Baked Brie and g.f. Crackers and veggies

  • This would be amazing..Having three kids I always come last would love this as a christmas gift for me and hubby… Nicole Walters

  • Please add me into the giveaway, thank you!

  • peanut butter cookies with chocolate stars

  • Sounds like an awesome giveaway!

  • Would love to win these goodies!

  • Another Fantastic Idea! We Foodies Thank You!

  • Yum, I would love breakfast in bed!

  • Breakfast in bed sounds great!

  • Very cute! Need a break, would love to win breakfast in bed!

  • Love to cook but my husband is fighting cancer so to do anything more then take care of him is now a chore. Could really use breakfast in bed.

  • This would be AWESOME!

  • Love Martha and all get “good things”! I have never had breakfast in bed. It would be really nice.

  • Breakfast in bed sounds oh so good.

  • Sounds YUMMY! I am so excited to win this basket. I have a ton of foodies on my Christmas list this year :)

  • Baked brie and homemade pate.

  • My new favorite party snack is slow-roasted nuts. I use a mixture of cashews, almonds, walnuts, and pecans, toss them with some sea salt, olive oil, fresh rosemary leaves, and torn sage leaves, and roast for 3 hours at 300 deg F. They were a big hit at Thanksgiving!

  • I would love to win!

  • They look good enough to melt in your mouth~

  • It would be fun to serve breakfast in bed to someone dear!


    Pick me! :)

  • I would love to win the gift set ~ some really delicious things in there!

  • At my home, simple snacks at Christmas are the best. Homemade snickerdoodles and rum infused coffee are the most popular.

  • Nuts and bruschetta :-)

  • Would love this :-)

  • I would love to win some breakfast in bed. Yummy in my tummy.

  • Mmmmm….love breakfast in bed!!!

  • Cute video!

  • Would love to win Breakfast in Bed. I rely on homemade cheese straws, cheese puffs and tasty desserts.

  • So need breakfast in bed…

  • I would love to serve some pancakes, syrup and tea to my guests on Christmas morning in bed.

  • I hope I win! I hope I win! Would be the best gift for my husband! Thanks!

  • Would love to win! I like to keep homemade sweet and spicy nuts in hand for the holidays!

  • Very cute video. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • mmmmm…breakfast in bed – what a wonderful concept! Thanks for the chance – I would love to win.

  • Cookies!

  • Breakfast in bed rocks!

  • Ooooh, I love breakfast in bed and would love to win!

  • Great Giveaway! My favorite holiday snacks are homemade snack mix (chex mix) and pecan tassies. They also happen to be my favorite to make at this time of year.

  • My husband and I are 3 week old first time parents. We could really use some breakfast in bed.

  • Perfect- for my wife
    dephaup @ gmail . com

  • My go-to holiday party snacks are my bite-sized plum puddings. I ice them with a little white chocolate, and garnished with a few slithers of candied fruit. They always get a lot of complements!

  • Love the video.
    Breakfast in bed would be a treat!

  • Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • very cute video. i hope i win the breakfast in a box!

  • Looks Delightful!

  • great video. please let me win.

  • Love the blog! Love giveaways! Love Baking! :)

  • I do all the cooking at the house, having an easy way/place for my husband and boys to get high quality food that is hassle free for me and my kitchen would be wonderful. Hopefully I win the breakfast in bed so I can tell him where to go so he can do it again and again.

  • Breakfast in bed would be the ultimate treat …

  • Breakfast in Bed would be so wonderful!

  • Thanksgiving was quiet this year, just my husband and I, but we had a wonderful afternoon together cooking and watching old movies. Our favorite go-to holiday party snack has always been a nachos casserole. It’s quick and easy, guests loved it, and so do we!

  • Breakfast in bed!! Not even when I’m sick! It will be great, I think I deserv it! Thank you for being thoughtful.<3

  • Various cheeses, crackers, pesto and olives maybe salami too!

  • I like to do raspberry almond shortbread cookies or fresh basil crackers with homemade hummus.

  • Really cute video. I would love to win the. breakfast in bed gift. I never win anything but maybe it will happen. I love Martha Stewart and all the amazing things she can do.

  • This sounds divine. Would love to win!

  • Cute video, especially the pathetic pie maker. I was once in the same boat, but decided to learn how to make a perfect pie crust by getting a great recipe and making pie crust, pie crust, and more pie crust. It worked!

  • I’d love to win!!!!

  • Love, love, love Martha! Everything she does is wonderful! This would make me a fabulous gift!

  • Sounds delightful and delis! Thanks for the chance.

    The Smiley Lady

  • I would love to enjoy the wonderful breakfast in bed gourmet goodies. Thank you for this chance to win!!! Love you Martha :)

  • I have never had breakfast in bed so i think now is the time to start.

  • Going to your web site right now to check it out. Broke my ankle and need all the help I can get this year to make the holidays festive,,,’cause I certainly can’t manage that myself this year!

  • Home made cookies is one of the best gifts from the heart to give loved ones, and also fun to make with good company.

  • I would love to win this!
    Fave holiday go-to snacks: anything sweet! caramel popcorn, cookies, nougat!

  • I would love to win!!
    Kristin McHenry

  • These look so yummy. I would love to share them with my granddaughter in Salt Lake over a cup of cinnamon latte.

  • This would be so nice to win! and learn how to bake..

  • I love this. I look forward to reading and seeing whays on the blog every day! This video is amazing though.

  • Those cookies would pair well with an Earl Gray tea to wake me up gently…mmm..nothing better

  • I would love to win this. Nice treat for someone that loves cookies.

  • Great video! Love their motto! I truly believe food should always be fun and fabulous and would love to win this giveaway!!

  • YUMMY! Looks sooooo Tasty!

    Cynthia Kelly

  • I love caramel popcorn and sugar cookies!! That’s what I make that is absolutely yummy!!

  • Love it!

  • I love breakfast in bed but only with my Love and beautiful 7 months baby Girl :-)
    Best wishes from Cracow, Poland, Martha!

  • All those wonderful things I learned to make with my mother, nut roll,poppy seed roll, and cookies.

  • For me it is polish ginger bread, that needs to be matured for 5 weeks before holiday :-) it is sery rich and peppery :-)

  • Loved the video! Would love to win.

  • Who wouldn’t love the Breakfast in Bed.

  • Who wouldn’t love Breakfast in Bed????

  • It is always some good old fashioned Midwestern Country soups and baked breads, but my real go-to snacks is Fudge with peanut butter, caramel, chocolate, nut and crunchy toppings.

  • Yummy things…like freshy made banana bread/cookies/hash browns/link sausage/and most importantly…coffee!!! :)

  • Would love to win a breakfast in bed box set. My favorite? Cookies!! Lot’s of Christmas Cookies!!!

  • I think cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds are a great holiday snack. And the best part is, you can have them already made way ahead of Thanksgiving when you are carving pumpkins for Halloween, although you have to make sure you don’t eat them all which isn’t easy.

  • Took a nasty fall in bath tub, hard to get around sounds wonderful. Thanks Martha

  • i need goodies lol to take care of me. husband has early alzhimers, no on but me its hard i enter every contest i find to win something maybe cookies good fattrening and fun

  • So funny!! I keep little batches of cookie dough in the freezer for such occasions, but would love to win this instead! Pick me, pick me! – Betsey,

  • Love making hot vegetable dips when company comes over. Shrimp cocktail is also a good go to appetizer.

  • Those treats all look so yummy!

  • Pics of snacks and goodies are always mouth-watering! Love to win the give-away – thanks!

  • Pics of snacks and goodies always look mouth-watering thanks!

  • I would love to win this!
    Kim Collins

  • I would live to receive this gift to share with my wonderful extended family. You see I moved HOME this year to my son’s home to live & what a surprise if I could something wonderful with him. He has truly been a wonderful son.
    Thank you Martha & a Merry Christmas & a very bright & Happy New Year.

  • Thanks! Love all the videos.

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