Tastemaker: Get to Know Josie Maran—Better


Spending a whole morning with a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is enough to make anyone swear off fats (and food) for the rest of their days, but a few hours with Josie Maran had the complete opposite effect. Instead we left, preaching the beauty gospel of good fats like argan oil, and wishing we had more down-to-earth friends like her. We couldn’t fit all the juicy nuggets into Living’s October issue, so here are a few more reasons why we adore Josie Maran.

1. She owns a teepee.
Well actually, it’s a Sami-Lavvu (as the company keeps reminding us). Moran keeps it at her New Town Square, PA farm and uses it as a bunk house for visiting guests. It’s outfitted with futons, pillow and rugs. “My Pennsylvania farm is a magical fairyland,” she says. “It’s meets all my natural, hippie-mom needs.”

2. Maran’s mom is her company’s Chief Aesthetic Officer
“She’s an artist, and very creative. She’d never let me throw anything away so I’m good at making things out of nothing.” The best beauty advice her mother ever gave: “Smile with your eyes. That’s how you exude beauty.”

3. She’s “obsessed” with rugs
“They’re all so amazingly different and so much work goes into each one,” she says. “You can feel the love then create a space around the love and color.” Her favorites: the rugs inspired by Alabama’s Gee’s Bend quilts. “They’re organic, colorful and modern—everything that I’m all about.”

4. Her last meal? Japanese Miso Eggplant
But a particular one – the Nasu Miso from Itacho Japanese Izakaya & Sushi in Los Angeles. “I could eat my way through the restaurant. There’s so much love in every bite.”

5. She has an alter-ego
Her superhero name is “Wabi Sabi.” Loosely put, she describes it as the “perfectly imperfect,” and the most accurate way to describe her frenetic life.

6. She’s a big proponent of girl power
As a mom to two little girls (Rumi and Indi), she’s all about female empowerment. “As the creator of a line of skincare and cosmetics for women, I want women to feel I have their back, and I’m looking out for them and the planet. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish – it’s giving.”

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