Table On Ten’s Turmeric Tonic


A few weeks ago, Living‘s style director Ayesha Patel enjoyed breakfast at Table on Ten, the delicious farm-to-table restaurant in the Catskills, and we posted a photo of her turmeric drink on Instagram. Your comments were unanimous: where’s the recipe?!

On the Living blog, you ask and you shall receive. Below is Table on Ten’s delicious (and healthy!) turmeric concoction–the plant is said to help treat digestive issues, infections, arthritis and more. Ayesha enjoyed her drink alongside marmalade toast.

Table on Ten ” Turmeric Tonic “


1.2 lb Fresh Ginger

0.4 lb Fresh Turmeric peeled

3.5 quartswater

1 C Honey

5 quarts Fresh Orange Juice

Yield 4x half gallon jars

Slice the Fresh ginger root roughly in 1/4 inch slices and put them in a pot of boiling water for 40 minutes to extract. You don’t need to peel ginger, a lot of nutrients are stored in the skin.

After 40 min turn of the heat, remove the ginger from the water and add the honey while the water is still hot so it will dissolve easy.

In the meanwhile peel the turmeric and cut in chunks (make sure to wear gloves).

When the water is cooled of, add peeled turmeric.

Pour the water-ginger-honey-turmeric mix in a juicer and blend until smooth and foamy.

Strain the mixture through a very fine sieve to loose the turmeric fibers.

In a half gallon ball jar pour 2/3 (5c) fresh orange juice and pour 1/3 (3c) of the high concentrated turmeric and ginger extract.

Shake well and serve fresh over ice.

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