Expert Tips: Brow Shaping How-To


There are those who believe that a well-arched brow is akin to a facelift; and they’re not so wrong about that. Think about it: As we age, gravity becomes one of our greatest foes. Everything just droops. So we try to create illusions to draw the eye upward, and that’s the effect that’s created with an arched brow. Otherwise those brows are just furry little lines sitting atop the eye.

And, like every classic tale or tail (pardon the pun), your brow should have a beginning, a high point, and an end. So we asked Sania Vucetaj, owner of Sania’s Brow Bar in New York City for her foolproof tips to creating the ideal arch, which she did, complete with iPhone photos.

Locate the starting point: Hold a pencil (or tweezer) flush against the side of your nose. Draw and invisible line upward to determine exactly where the brow should begin. Tweeze away any hair on the other size of that tool.

Peak: The highest point of the arch should line up with the outside edge of the iris; about three-fourths of the way back.

Get to the end: Take your tool again, and hold it at a diagonal at the corner eye, in such a way that it extends down to touch the outer edge at the base of your nose. This creates the correct angle. Extend that line upwards to the brow. That point where it bisects the brow is where it should end. Vucetaj admits that some people like their brows longer, and that’s okay, but the brow shouldn’t be any shorter than this length.

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