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So instead of writing my blog post, I’m sitting here eating the chocolate-covered blueberries that the PR gals at Burt’s Bees were kind enough to send over—a tie-in to the new Burt’s Bees Revitalizing Lip Balm with Blueberry and Dark Chocolate that will be on shelves in July.

First a disclaimer: I’m a big fan of this brand. I’ve met Burt Shavitz himself, and have even been fortunate enough to visit the company’s Durham, NC headquarters and seen the original, iconic, Beeswax Lip Balm being made, which the company churns out to the tune of 300 lip balms PER MINUTE. So this really begs the question, why mess with perfection—even if it includes chocolate?

So I pull myself away from those chocolaty morsels of yumminess long enough to try the balm itself. A side-by-side comparison, if you will.

Wow, it certainly smells similar, due I’m sure, to the fact the balm contains blueberry seed oil, cocoa powder and cocoa seed butter—all rich in antioxidants.  And it delivers the same soft slip of the original. Taste-wise: nada, just as the soft and flavor-free as the original. Phew.

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  • Sounds delicious! If you ever find yourself in Portland, ME, you should stop into 2 Note Perfumery and try their lip butter – it’s made with citrus, lavender, and cocoa! I’ve been using it for a few years and absolutely love it!

  • I was also a fan of Burt’s Bess brand; it should be noted the company has been owned by Clorox since 2007 (I think). The result, for me, has been a new search for lip balm. It’s too bad, the lip balm with pomegranate oil was my favorite. All the great properties of beeswax can’t negate supporting Clorox, considering the destructive properties of bleach to our planet.

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