Summer Cocktail 2013: The Botanical


Last week we asked readers for help in coming up with a cocktail for this summer. It was hard work mixing and tasting the different suggestions, but, well, someone had to do it, and we’re nothing if not thorough. We decided on the Botanical Spritzer (which we shortened to “the Botanical”), submitted by reader Kristina. We love how simple and refreshing it is—light and tasty and not cloying in the least.

The cocktail was a hit in the office, and we think that you’re going to enjoy many a summer evening with a Botanical in hand. Here’s the recipe: 


1 ounce elderflower syrup (we had a little trouble sourcing elderflower syrup, so we used St-Germain, an elderflower liqueur. The syrup is available online at Kalustyan’s)
1 ounce good gin
A handful of mint sprigs, slightly crushed
Plenty of ice
Chilled club soda

We stirred the crushed mint, ice, gin and the St-Germain together, then poured it all through a strainer over a cup of ice and added club soda to fill the cup, plus a sprig of mint.

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