Ramp Week: Roast Chicken With Ramps and Couscous


It’s ramp week here on the Living blog. Gather up every last ramp you can get your hands on before they disappear for the year and check in with the blog—we’ll be posting new recipes every day. 

When I was generously gifted some handpicked ramps from the Catskills farm of our executive editor, Yolanda, I knew I had to use them and make them stretch. My first thought? Roast chicken. Turns out, roast chicken and ramps is arguably one of the most delicious love stories ever told (and eaten).

Roast Chicken With Ramps and Couscous
Serves: 4

1 medium-size chicken
Enough ramps to stuff the chicken (about 2 cups), cleaned
1. Cook chicken in the spirit of the amazing Zuni Cafe (if you have not tried, it will change your chicken-cooking-life!).  Our editors channeled the Zuni technique herefollow the cooking recipe until step 2, seasoning with only salt and pepper and stuffing the chicken cavity with the ramps before cooking.

2. Halfway through cooking, when flipping the chicken, begin the couscous (it takes approximately 20 minutes, so it should be done by the time the chicken is).

3. After the chicken has rested for about 15 minutes, remove the ramps and step them atop the couscous on a platter. Carve the chicken and place on top of the ramps and couscous. Drizzle any roasting juices that are on the cutting board from carving on top as a dressing.

Should you have leftovers (I did), your regular chicken salad gets a serious upgrade with ramps….

(Leftover) Chicken and Ramp Salad

1/2 Roast Chicken (from recipe above)
1/2 cup roasted ramps (from recipe above)
1/4 cup red or green seedless grapes, cut in half

Simply chop up the leftover chicken and ramps into bite-size pieces and combine in a medium bowl with grapes. Add mustard, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper to taste. Can be served on bread or atop of greens.


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