Cronut-Inspired Dessert Mashups


Croissant + doughnut = sweet insanity.

Cupcakes are old news. The newest sugary sensation to sweep our fair city is the Cronut—the croissant-doughnut hybrid created by Dominque Ansel at his SoHo bakery last month, in which flaky, butter-impregnated laminated dough is cut into a doughnut shape, deep-fried, rolled in sugar, filled, then glazed.

With a limited production of 300 a day and a limit of two per customer, Cronut mania has driven people to line up hours before the bakery opens, and a search of Craigslist reveals a seedy underworld of Cronut scalpers selling the the five-dollar confections at a markup of 500 percent or more.

As executive food director Lucinda Scala Quinn says, “It just shows, if you’re clever you can cook up the next cupcake.”

No time to wait in line? Whip up one of these other delectable dessert hybrids at home instead.

Behold, the Brookie.

Before the Cronut came the Brookie (more recently dubbed “The Brookster”), the genius invention of Matt Lewis, owner of Baked. A brownie embraces a chocolate chip cookie for the ultimate experience in down-home dessert bliss.

Get the Brookie Recipe

Cornflake cookies—not just for breakfast anymore.

Bowl of cereal, s’more, and cookie all rolled into one—this creation from Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar will make your head spin (in a good way).

Get the Cornflake-Chocolate Chip-Marshmallow Cookies recipe

Potato chip cookies. You know you want to.

Call it a chookie if you like; this crunchy, chewy, buttery, salty-sweet treat satisfies every last corner of your palate.

Get the Potato Chip Cookies recipe

Take the cannoli—now it's more portable!

When a fried cannoli shell just seems too formal (or sounds like too much work!), sugar cones fit the bill perfectly.

Get the Cannoli Cones recipe

See 11 more Cronut-inspired Frankenpastry recipes.

Tell us: What kinds of dessert mashups are you creating?


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