American Made Series: Mary MacGill Jewelry


Mary MacGill in her studio in San Francisco.

Mary MacGill, founder and creator of Mary MacGill Jewelry, has created an inspired line made from 14k-gold-filled wire and semiprecious stones and pearls. MacGill’s ties to nature, specifically her coastal New England roots, are reflected in the colors (soft blues, greens, and grays), lines, and textures (hand-hammered metal and highly polished stones) of her extraordinary pieces.

In order to get the unique texture, MacGill hammers all her wire by hand, using a metal block for support.

MacGill on her inspirations: “I was first introduced to jewelry-making through a dear family friend, the late Kazuko Oshima, a jeweler who sold her work at Barney’s. Kazuko really took me under her wing when I was very young (14!) and opened the world of gems to me. Like so many, I am in awe of nature and find so much of my work and tendencies are informed by it. I grew up on Block Island in the summers, and the ocean, grasses, and open sky are very important to me (I gravitate toward oceanic color palettes nine times out of ten). I also find so much inspiration in fine art—growing up the daughter of an art dealer and a photographer, I have been surrounded by artwork my entire life and always refer back to my roots for inspiration. Some of my favorites include Matisse (especially for his line quality), Irving Penn’s still-lifes, and Calder’s jewelry.”

Bangles and "Kazuko" cuff, made with gold-filled wire and gemstones. From left: Bangles: grey pearl, black pearl, green beryl, and aquamarine. The "Kazuko" cuff: Baroque pearls, tourmalated quartz, moss aquarmarine, cloud aquamarine, and Labradorite.

Earrings, from top: Lepidochrocite hoops, lemon-citrine drop earrings, aquamarine "Kazuko" earrings, aquamarine pebble hoops, and cloud-aquamarine drop earrings.

You can see more of Mary’s earrings in the “American Gems” story in the March issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Paisley gem drop earrings, from top: carnerlian, chrysoprase, aquamarine pebble, cloud aquamarine, lemon citrine, fire opal, prasiolite, aquamarine pebble, chrysoprase, and cloud aquamarine.

14k-gold-filled bangles, from left: lapis, green aventurine, chrysoprase, ruby, and Nevada turquoise.

MacGill exhibits online and at trunk shows. Click here to learn more about MacGill and to see more of her stunning work.

All Photos © Mary MacGill.

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  • As an owner of several of Mary’s pieces, I want to tell everyone they are exquisite–delicate yet strong, and so unique–I am complimented on her earrings and bracelets whenever I wear them. Great for summer and for dressy events, what’s especially nice is they go with everything–which I can’t say for a lot of my jewelry.

  • Beautiful and delicate work, Mary. I love the bracelet with the stones encircled with gold wire, it shows the hand of the artist that makes the piece unique. Selecting the gems is a big part of the creative process and sets the stage for everything that comes after. I am not sure we understand that when we see the finished pieces in a store but you have made that more evident here. GT

  • Beautiful work, Mary! I love the photograph of the drop earrings – they look like a school of fish!

  • So thrilled to see Mary MacGill’s work featured here! I wear her bracelets everyday and without fail someone will ask me about them. Love that they are inspired by the ocean, are lightweight and elegant.

  • After receiving one of mary macgill’s bangles as a gift, I am hooked! I have already ordered my next one to go with it and planning to make it a collection. I have also ordered several as gifts. Unique, beautiful and simple. I love the designs.

  • perfect blend of the Atlantic & Pacific Ocean colours!

  • I absolutely love the necklace Mary MacGill made me! The delicate gold chain is surprisingly strong and the stone reminds me of the sea. She does beautiful design work.

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