Dispatch from the Kutztown Folk Festival


Last year, we had a blast at the annual Kutztown Folk Festival, and we can’t wait to go back this year (June 29 to July 7). We thought we’d pique your interest and share a few photos and a video we took as we ate, danced, and shopped our way through this nine-day celebration of the Pennsylvania Dutch way of life. With demonstrations of traditional crafts and folk music, the largest quilt sale in the nation, regional cooking, hay mazes, and DIY mural paintings, this festival has something for everyone and is a sweet harkening back to a simpler, slower time.

Click on the video below for a few our favorite moments from last year’s festival.

Shot by Gabriel Rhodes. Video editing by Judith George.

In addition to the amazing gallery of quilts, don’t forget to check out the other craft and folk art offerings.

Wear loose pants! The food is divine—you won’t want to miss the sarsaparilla and birch beer, handmade pretzels, fresh squeezed lemonade, grilled local sausages, kettle-fried potato chips, and homemade pie and strawberry shortcake!

If you’ve never had bread baked in a 19th-century oven, you may want to grab a loaf or two.

It’s a great place to browse for antiques and shop for gifts (or a keepsake for yourself)—pick up a jar of local honey, a hand-stitched bonnet, or the quilt that will become the next family heirloom.

Carve out time to take in the music and clap along while watching traditional square dancing.

See you next year!

Photographs by Gabriela Herman

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  • Saw the short article in your June issue Martha Stewart Living magazine. I loved the picture on p. 14 of the handcrafted leather bracelets. I have been looking for leather bracelets just like those in the picture. Can you give me any information, such as a web site or an address so I can contact the person(s) who made them and perchance buy some ?
    Love your magazine!
    Cynthia Griggs

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