Brow Mistakes Even Beauty Editors Make


While at a press event this morning, I was offered a chance to have my brows done and I jumped at the chance. Good thing—otherwise I’d never have met the supremely talented brow artist Maribeth Madron.

See, here’s the thing: Although I’ve written dozens of how-to-tweeze-your-brows stories, and I can coach you through the angles and measurements necessary to create the perfect arch, the sad truth is you’ve either got the touch or you don’t. And I, sadly, do not. So my brow-grooming skills are limited to tweezing out any über-evident errant hairs.

Madron is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to how brows can accentuate face shape. Here, her tips to avoiding brow blunders:

1. Avoid any technician who has you lie down. It throws your face shape off.

2. Don’t get your eyebrows threaded. When the technician is standing behind you, she’s not looking straight on at your facial symmetry.

3. Never tweeze gray brow hairs. They’re the coarsest, and when they’re pulled, they leave a noticeable hole in the middle of the brow. Trim and tint them, and use a clear gel to keep them in place.

4. Keep a neutral expression when you’re tweezing. Avoid making a “makeup face” (lifting your brows to make eyes appear bigger and crinkling your brow)—it distorts the shape of the brow, creating too deep an arch, which, Madron says, makes women look tired and old. Yikes.

5. Don’t ignore your brows—even if you’ve messed them up, something can always be done to fix them. Consider tinting or trimming them, or use Revitabrow or biotin supplements to help them grow.

6. Tweezing when you’re PMS-ing is a recipe for disaster. When we’re hormonal, we have a tendency to need everything to be orderly and subsequently over-tweeze.

7. No magnifying mirrors. Ever. Being able to see even the tiniest, fairest hairs means you’ll go to town and inevitably overdo it. A regular mirror is perfectly fine. If you can’t see it, no one else can.

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  • I have been a client of Maribeth’s for over 15 years. I never let anyone else (including me) touch my brows. When she was on maternity leave I let someone else do my brows and it was a complete disaster. Luckily, she’s done having children. I once heard someone say that your eyebrows are the “windows to your soul.”

  • ?for gray brow hairs, what clear gel does ms.madron suggest. thank you

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