April Book-Club Giveaway!


Our book club here at work is currently reading our ninth book since the start of the club less than a year ago! What’s more, our ranks have swelled to 32 active readers from the initial 12. Surely, that’s proof that the fun (aka provocative discussions, charcuterie platters, prosecco cocktails) we have is contagious. So contagious, in fact, that we want you to catch on—which is why we’re offering one lucky book club the chance to win 10 copies of Rona Jaffe’s The Best of Everything.

The Best of Everything, nestled in with all our past selects.

To enter, comment below and let us know that you’d like to share with your book club, or start your own! Comment boards will be open between now and April 30. See official rules here.

Check back in at the beginning of May to find out who won, and to read our thoughts on this month’s pick!

Paulie Dibner is the assistant managing editor of Martha Stewart Living. She has perfected her oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookie, but is on the hunt for a puff-pastry recipe to knock her socks off. Follow her on Instagram @matinauxsaules.

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  • I would love to share this book with my club

  • Hi,

    I’m ready to stop talking and start doing a book club with my group of friends. Receiving the book would certainly help us to get started.


  • This book has been on my to read list for over a year. As a 20-something living in New York, we often think that we are forging new territory, but it’s so important to see how previous generations dealt with many of the same issues.

  • love to share great stories with everyone!

  • I started a book club one year ago with my mom and sister in-laws. We all live in different states, so I thought this would be a great way to stay in touch and get to know each other better. We rotate being the host once a month. The host picks a book, then she sends out a themed package( based on the book) to everyone to introduce the book and leads email discussions throughout the month. It’s been a wonderful way to stretch our minds ,as well as, a great opportunity to stay close as a family. We’d love a new book for the summer!! Thank you for challenging us:)

  • Would love to share these with my book club!

  • I think this book would be perfect for my book club. I’d love to win!

  • Now that I am off for the summer from college I would enjoy being part of a book club.

  • I think my book club would really like
    this — and there are only 4 of us!

  • I’ve always loved the recipes and crafts in Living, and I’m so excited to find out there is a book club associated with it as well! Please enter my neighborhood ladies’ book club in the giveaway–thanks!

  • This would be great to share.

  • Sounds like a fun book to share with Reading Graces!

  • Looks interesting. The best thing about our book club is that we have to sit down and talk with each other—about one subject. What a treasure!

  • I would love to share this book with The Plymouth Literary Guild – the book club in Plymouth MN. We always do paper back books so it would be AWESOME to have a hard cover book for a change!

  • Our book club would love this!

  • I have always wanted to start a book club with my girlfriends. This would be a wonderful opportunity!!

  • This book would be a great addition to our Daily Grind Book Club. We are always looking for new and interesting books to add to our book list. We usually get books from our local library-this time it would be nice for each of us to have our own copy. Thank you.

  • I would love to start a book club! My friends all love to read and it would be great to all get together. This book will help us get started!!!

  • I would love to introduce this book to my mom and her book club. I think that it would be so fun to read it together and discuss it with her and her lovely friends… over wine and delicious food, of course.

  • Awesome selection. Thank you for the possibility to win one of the Book Club offerings.

  • I would love to start my own book club. I love to read just about anything. How exciting! Thanks!

  • I love to read and I love Prosecco, that makes me ready to start a book club. I just need the books! Thank you!

  • I love to share with my group of ladies!

  • I’d love to start a book club with my friends. We have searched libraries around our area to find resources, but we haven’t been able to lock any down. This would certainly help us. Thanks!

  • I would love to share with my book club. We are just getting off of the ground and would love some suggestions.

  • I’d love to share this with my book club! Thanks for the contest.

  • What a wonderful collection! Would love to share it with all my friends!

  • I’d like to start one!

  • The Best of Everything looks like a fun book to start a book club with. Just add a little wine and cheese and it could be a memorable night!

  • I have been considering starting a book club for some time, this would be the perfect jumping off point!

  • I would love to win this for my book club! our book club started in october 2011 and we have consistently met monthly until this month. I fear we’ve stagnated a little bit. Winning these books may be the boost we need to keep our club going.

  • Oh, my friends and I have just formed a book club. We meet on a weekly basis over dinner to talk about the assigned chapters. This way we can keep on track. We all got busy schedules but we refuse to be behind on our reading. Loads of fun on sharing our thoughts on the plot and characters but breaking bread away from family is such a joy. Would absolute love to share “The Best of Everything” with the members of “Run One’s Eye Over” Club. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Looks like a great book! I’d love to read it!

  • I would love to share this with my book club. The ladies in my neighborhood would love it!

  • Our book club is always looking for new books to enjoy! This would be great!

  • I have recently joined a book club. This would be a great addition to our reading! :)

  • I’ve been involved in a book club for the last 12 years and would love to share this with my book club.

  • My husband goes to a book club, and I’ve been feeling left out (no spouses allowed!). I’ve been wanting to start one of my own for some time. This book would help me to get some of my friends interested, also make husband jealous that Martha helped me start my book club. Thank you for considering my request!

  • My book club has started reading books that are movies or plays and we make it into GNO and go to see them. This gives the very busy ladies a chance to discuss the book, movie or play and most of all it brings together an amazing group of ladies.

  • I’d love to share this with my book club for sure!

  • I’d love to start a book club because I love to read and so do my friends.

  • Hi!

    My friends and I are starting a book club, this would be great for our International Book Club in Madrid-Spain.

    Have a great one

  • I belong to an online book club that is mostly moms of triplets from all over the world. We would love this book!

  • We have a great book club going and I would love to share this book with them!

  • This could be a great way to start a book club with my organization in my neighborhood. We meet for lunch and for regular meetings once a month and this could be a great addition to our discussions. This book looks very interesting.

  • We have a little book club here in France called Not the Richard and Judy Book Club. Would love to have this and share and share again

  • I have a group of friends that were all teachers (we just retired) and are now empty nesters. We have talked about starting a book club and this would get us off and running.

  • My girlfriends and I all read, but we share the same books and pass them around, so we can never read the same book at the same time. Instead, we get together to share the book and drink quite a bit of wine, along with eating some really fattening foods… so winning and being able to all read the same book at tge same time might be less fattening and save us all some hangover
    headaches in the process. 0_o

  • I have belonged to a neighborhood Book Club for several years now and love it. Just met yesterday and though sometimes you might not like the book when you read it once we start discussing it you have a better appreciation for it. This book sounds like it would be a good one to discuss. We have several retired teachers in our group and I always love their feedback.

  • I’ve been thinking about a book and craft club. Now that the weather is beginning to look good, I can see outdoor meetings. Great reading, sharing gardening and crafting ideas with friends-sounds perfect.

  • I belong to a book club and would love to share these!

  • My sisters and I have had a book club for decades, (The Reading Owls) we talk about our faves and enjoy sharing what we have learned.

  • I would love to share this book with my book lover friends!

  • What a fun idea! I’d love to share this book with good friends on a warm day under the trees by Iwo Jima!

  • I would like to start a book club in my neighborhood. This would be a great way to kick it off!

  • I love a good book!

  • My book club, Vintage 95, meets in May to choose our next books. (We don’t meet in the summer, but resume in September) How fun it would be to have a new book in hand to share with them.

  • I have recently joined a book club here in Hinsdale, IL with about 8-10 other moms. We are reading Wife 22 this month, and it would be great to win and receive “The Best of Everything” for our book read next month!!! Fingers Crossed.

  • would love to share with my book club, thanks!

  • I would love to start a book club with this book.

  • This book has the perfect title to be associated with Martha Stewart…The Best of Everything! Can’t wait to read it and start a book club with some chums who are Martha fans as well :)

  • I’d love to share this with my book club! We’ve stalled a bit this past year,s o it might be exactly what we need to jump start our shared reading!!!!

  • We are “WINE BETWEEN THE CHAPTERS”! We are a group of ladies who gather once a month for our book club. We discuss life, drink wine and read books. We’d love to have this collection of books in our club! Thank you!!

  • I would love to share this with my book club. Thanks for the great book giveaway and feature.

  • My friends and I had an active club some time ago, but I guess the stresses of life took over and we lagged behind. We’ve been speaking of reactivating the club again and this book would be perfect to get it going again.

  • I belong to the coolest book club. We have a wide range of ages, from a retired school librarian who is nearly 80, to young, Teresa, my neighbor and we even have a man! We read a wide range of books. This would be a great addition.

  • I would have a long distance book club with my daughter!

  • I’m interested in starting a book club because I’m rather new to my area and think this would be a good way to meet people with similar interests.

  • I would like to share this with my club, which now I will have to create!

  • I’d love these books to start a book club!!!

  • I’d LOVE to read these books and share them with my small book club of my 2 sisters and I!

  • This book sounds like a great one for our book club.

  • My book club would love this book!

  • Our Bookclub would love to read this book! Pick us!

  • Pick us! Pick us! We would enjoy this book in our club this summer.

  • I would like to start a book club and maybe get to see my friends that I use to work with again, I read a lot of books and so does my husband.
    When we are done with the books we share with other friends or donate for others to enjoy.

  • Please help! I quit my bookclub last summer because I moved away, but now I’m moving back. I’m hoping that if I can give everyone a copy of this book, they will let me re-join.

  • * Would LOVE to start a book club *

  • I’d love to share this with my book club!

  • Would like to share with NEEHA book club

  • I would love to start a book club with my coworkers. What a positive book to “break the ice”

  • Always wanted to join a book club and finally had the time after being laid off. Would be excited to share The Best of Everything with my book club. Thank you!

  • Our book club needs some new subjects. This would be a great addition.

  • I facilitate 2 book clubs at my library, and I’m always on the lookout for good books for our discussions. Thanks for offering this! I look forward to reading this, winner or not.

  • If I win this giveaway I would start a book club at my condo association clubhouse!!!…

  • Our neighborhood formed a book club as a way to get to know each other better and our street is so much better off because of it. We have become a group of women who genuinely care for one another and as an added bonus it has become a vehicle for an informal neighborhood watch. Book club is great, we would love to win the set of books!

  • I love to add addition to my book collection

  • My daughter belongs to a book club – I’m sure these young mothers would enjoy this book.

  • What a wonderful idea! It would be a pleasure to share this book at my library book club meeting or with my ladies’ book club members.

  • I loved one of the books you recommended, Gone Girl, and I certainly trust your judgement on this one. I hope I can win a copy. Thanks

  • I would love to share this book. What a beautiful addition to my collection.

  • I just joined a book club, first one ever! This would be great. :)

  • would love to share with my book club!!!! Love me some books

  • I am more excited about discovering that Martha Stewart has a book club then winning the books. Count me in from this point forward!!! I will be reading along with Martha and all of you!

    So excited! I will get started immediately with The Best of Everything!

  • Some nights my girl friends & I never know what to do…
    A book club…wow…that’s different…who would of thought…
    this book sounds interesting…great one to start with…

  • I would love to start a book club. This selection looks great!

  • looks fun

  • Our book club (comprised of moms of preschoolers in Las Vegas) would love to read this!

  • This would be a perfect starting book for our over-55 book club!

  • Thanks for this post and have fun :)

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