Meatless March


Because we like a challenge here at Living, and feel the need to mix things up during these seemingly eternal last weeks of winter, a group of us have decided to go meatless for the month of March. It seems a nice thing to do–both mentally and physically–as we get ready for the change from winter to spring. For guidance and inspiration, we’ve been cooking from the new cookbook Meatless and will post our favorite recipes throughout the month.

For our inaugural weekend, we started slowly with some simple sides–Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon and Cilantro as well as Saute-Steamed Swiss Chard, which we ate alongside a salad of mixed baby lettuces and kale, brown rice, thinly sliced raw beets, some Nasturtiums (that we were lucky enough to score at the office) and a light soy sauce, lemon, olive oil dressing.


Pick up a copy of Meatless at your local bookstore or online and join us as we cook (and eat) our way through the book! If you’re further inspired, photograph your meatless dishes and upload them to Instagram, with the hashtag #meatlessmarch.

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  • As someone who has been meatless for over 40 years, I hope your one-month trial will be so wonderful you’ll just keep going. You’ll find some great recipes I’ve gathered from around the web on my Pinterest board here:
    Happy eating!

  • That looks delicious. I am trying to eat more meatless meals to help hubby be healthier after a stroke. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Love this book! I checked out a copy from the local library, looked through it, tried some of the recipes, and realized I had to have this book for my personal bookshelf. Subsequently, I bought myself a copy of this book.

  • Hello!(I don’t think I’m on Marthas FB page anymore…I clicked from there to Meatless March and Meatless the Cookbook!!! Very good! And thank you, MSL!!!)
    Your simple recipe for the dressing: Light soy sauce, lemon and olive oil – sounds good anywhere. Thanks.
    “Meatless” to me means: lots of homemade grits (Never INSTANT!)mixed with eggs – any way you want; beans and rice; and I’ve got my FL garden vegs, fruits & greens year round. (Thank you! Martha, really.)
    But grits are delicious, I think, if cooked “right”…but many say they don’t like grits…makes me wonder how many people know how-to cook grits the “right” way? And cheese grits are also good.
    Some friends who own a veg. restaurant in Bridgeport, CT. just put grits on their Sunday Brunch menu!

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