Our Global Kitchen


Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture is an engaging and informative exhibit currently showing at the American Museum of Natural History on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. This thoughtfully curated show traces the evolution of food through human history and is a feast for the senses.

Great for kids (and the kid in all of us), this exhibit engages viewers with stunning visual displays, smelling stations, audio and video installations, and even an interactive, virtual cooking station where you can learn to grill, sauté, and simmer (imagine a dining table, only the top is one big iPad screen- it’s way cool and worth the price of admission alone). Oh, and there’s an entire room dedicated to live cooking demonstrations that includes free tastings. Hint: all you chocolate lovers will be in heaven. Throughout the exhibit there is a particular emphasis on the evolution of food from farm to fork since the dawn of the industrial age.

Some of the statics are truly frightening- did you know that the average family of four in America throws away 1,656 pounds of food every year or that only 1% of the corn grown in this country is bound for the produce aisle? That other 99% is varieties of corn grown for animal feed, ethanol, corn byproducts like fructose, the manufacture of plastics…you get the idea.

But don’t be all despondent just yet, the exhibit also explores exciting new technologies in sustainable farming that will help us feed our ever-expanding population well into the future. This really is a must-see exhibit and I urge all of you to go, engage, and learn!

Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture
Showing now through August 11th
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street
Phone: 212-769-5100

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  • Great blog post! Can’t wait to check this place our it seems awesome.

  • I certainly wish this was a ‘traveling’ exhibit d/t the fact many children only see the inside of a grocery store, not where the actual products come from!

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