Inspired Easter: Elevate Your Egg Dyeing


We’ve never met an Easter egg that we don’t find beautiful—even the intentionally “ugly” eggs that we tried to make as kids (dipping them in every single color of dye until they turned a brownish green) were beautiful in a sort of camo-chic way. While our dyeing techniques have become more sophisticated over the years, turning plain old eggs into decorative objects remains as magical as we remember from childhood. Here are a few of our all time favorite techniques, with easy how-to videos. Whether they’re displayed on a table for Easter Brunch, nestled in an Easter basket, or discovered during a hunt, these eggs will delight and add style to any Easter celebration.

Above, Gilded Easter Eggs


Egg Dyeing with Lace

Chocolate Eggs

Egg Dyeing with Silk Fabrics

Easter Egg Decals


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  • Loved your egg dying on the TODAY Show today would like to know where I can get the log looking basket

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