Guest Pinner: Eden Passante of “Sugar and Charm”


As a child, balloons provided infinite amounts of entertainment. From rousing games of “keep the balloon off the floor” to watching their static electricity make my hair stand on end, balloons were an inexpensive decoration and diversion. Unsurprisingly, my excitement about balloons has faded over the years, or so I thought, until I saw Eden Passante’s “Money Balloons” post on her lifestyle and entertaining blog Sugar and Charm. Could there be a more delightful way to open a present than by popping a clear balloon and being showered with colorful confetti and rolled up bills? I doubt it.

It’s clever, everyday entertaining ideas like these that make Eden’s blog so gratifying. Whether she is sharing her favorite food and drink recipes, coaching readers through craft how-tos, or just serving up a daily dose of fetching inspiration, Eden shares easy ways add charm to your life.

We’ve invited Eden to bring her top-notch taste and innovative ideas to Martha Stewart Living, where she will be guest pinning on our Pinterest boards for the next month. Click here to view her pins. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her personal Pinterest account.

And don’t forget to follow the Martha Stewart Living boards, where our editors are constantly pinning delicious recipes, inspiring crafts, creative holiday ideas, and much more.

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  • Yay!!! We adore Eden and S&C. And MS of course too ;)

  • Loved the blog. Let’s have more from the Sugar and Charm lady!

  • What a great edition to Martha Stewart Living and Pinterest.I have been following Eden Passante on various sites over the internet for years.Can’t wait to see her pinning her ideas on your board.

  • I want that grapefruit and gin business like now.

  • [...] be guest pinning for Martha Stewart Living this next month. As if that isn’t enough, this write up about Sugar and Charm was more than flattering! I’ll be scouring the web to find the most [...]

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