The Photographer’s Eye: Rick Haylor’s Décor Inspiration


I am a big collector of vintage photographs and especially love panoramas of people. Unfortunately, my panoramas live in a box because I have never been able to figure out how to display them tastefully.  Thank you to photographer Rick Haylor for solving this dilemma. I love the idea of hanging them salon style and stacked upon each other.

Rick is an amazing fashion and lifestyle photographer who has recently begun shooting interiors. The images are lovely and warm. My vintage panoramas will soon be lining my long empty hallway.

You can see more of Rick’s work here:

Jennifer Miller is the Photo Director at Martha Stewart Living. Her perfect Sunday includes going to Chao Thai Too in Queens for an early dinner with her husband and her twin boys. 

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  • Just discovered your blogs and enjoy. Will subscribe via email

  • Rick Haylor took these photos at my old apartment on West End Avenue. I recently moved to an apartment without the ample hanging space of long empty hallways so I donated part of my group photograph collection (about 600, including 200 panoramas) to the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Department. Here is a link to their website:
    If you are interested in panoramic photos, it is worth a look.

    P.S. That is my cat Tommy in the second photo. He is thrilled to be pictured on Martha Stewart’s website!

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