Links We Love: A Valentine’s Day Dinner from The Brother’s Brown School of Cooking



Sometimes food should have a sense of humor, which is why we love The Brother’s Brown School of Cooking’s Valentine’s Day Post. Jacob and Thomas have carefully crafted meals fitted for whatever your plans are tonight: eating solo, cooking for that special someone, or feasting with spite.

The three menus offer up a cocktail, appetizer, main course, and all end the same way: with a heavenly chocolate-peanut butter-banana cream pie, rightly dubbed, The Elvis Pie, because, as they say, “there’s no reason not to make it”.

With recipes like Mexican Snakebites, Steakhouse Burgers, Kale Caesar Salads, and My Bloody Valentines, you’re bound to feel the love (and a full stomach).

They’ve even factored in that this meal might be a last minute plan and added short cuts, so you can still make it happen after coming home from work.

Forget your plans of overpriced price fixe menus, lonely bars, and take out containers and serve up one of these instead.


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