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Remember in elementary school when, days before Valentine’s Day, you carefully filled out cut-out valentine’s from the stationary store or crafted them yourself? Relive all of that “V-Day” glory with Cocoagraph

Founder Rae Vittorelli successfully matched her good sense of design with her sweet tooth when, in 2011, she created “cocoagraphs”; handmade chocolate bars that are covered with a photograph of your choosing. With a few easy steps, heartfelt memories are transposed onto edible gluten-free frosting sheets that are layered on decadent, fair-trade Guittard chocolates.

The process is simple:

  • Choose from a variety of chocolate bar sizes  (they conveniently come in “life-sized” bars for $14, or three “bite-sized” minis for $18)
  • Pick your “frame” (four different photo shapes are offered, corresponding to the decade’s photograph design: 1960s- 1990s)
  • Select your chocolate bar base (milk, dark, white, or organic dark)
  • Mix in any add-ons (they offer dried raspberries and strawberries, sea salt, coffee bean crumbles, and salted almonds)
  • Add your photo.

In 5-7 days, your special someone will receive an artisinal valentine filled with love, possibly your face, and chocolate. If you have trouble choosing, Rae is also offering two Valentine’s Day-themed Cocoagraphs.

For me, it was love at first sight when I saw the option for the retro Poloroid-style chocolate frame with room for a personal message, but I’ll be back for the bite-sized ones too; you can put up to three photos (one on each bite-sized chocolate) and create a photo-booth-esque cocoa experience.

I bought one for my boyfriend this year to show a little love, but these are also great to give to friends, relatives, kids, or secret crushes, because who wouldn’t love to get one in the mail?

Cocoagraph understands that love knows no bounds and ships nationally and internationally, but to send something sweet by February 14, the deadline for all ground orders is Friday, February 8th.


Lauren Tempera is an assistant editor at Martha Stewart Living and associate brand manager of Mad Hungry. She loves traveling, themed-entertaining, a good sandwich, and has the ultimate snack drawer in her desk.  Follow her on Instagram: @laurenevelynanne.

(photos courtesy of: Rae Vittorelli [top]; photographer/blogger Regina Mandell [left];  Mother, Jennifer Orlando [right])

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  • This is terrific! Congrats to Rachel!!! Also-the link for blogger/photographer Regina Mandell isn’t working!

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Regina,

    So sorry about that- the link has been fixed now!

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