Book Club Party: “Grace”


We couldn’t wait to sit down at the end of January and dig in to our first select of 2013. Grace generated a lot of buzz around our office, and we were happy to learn more about the powerhouse behind Vogue’s creative vision.

Katie Field, an art director at MSL, illustrated cups for everyone at the gathering to mimic the book jacket!

Ms. Coddington’s memoir started at the beginning of her life, and took us through the development of her career. It was fascinating to learn about her Welsh roots and see how a very prudent but plucky young girl became a model-turned-editor.

  • The memoir, broken out into a scattering of anecdotes, varied from providing the right amount of information to cutting it just a bit too short. There were a few stories that we wish she had delved into a bit more, and details that she left out that were palpably missed.
  • Unsurprisingly, most of us more into the details of her time working in publishing than other side stories. We enjoyed the details she shared about people she collaborated with along the way, and appreciated the elements of creative “crazy” sprinkled into her life, and the way they have influenced her work.
  • Her ethos as a worker clearly stems from early days when she had to wear all of the hats on a photo shoot at any given time. As a model, she had to be prepared to do her own make up and hair, which clearly morphed into the ability to be willing and able to collaborate and pinch hit when needed.

snacks for our meeting... crudité and cake! diametrically opposed, but equally enjoyable.

What did you think of Grace? Let us know in the comments below, and check back on Monday to find out what we’re reading in February.


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