Wave Hill’s Garden Lectures


Each winter I look forward to attending Wave Hill’s horticultural lecture series. I always learn something new, plus it’s a chance to look at pictures of beautiful gardens while outside the landscape is cold and quiet. Wave Hill’s director of horticulture Scott Canning opens each talk with a show and tell of a few snips from plants that are doing something special at Wave Hill, such as a branch from an Idesia tree (below) — reminding us that even though the garden is mostly bare, things are happening if you look for them.

Idesia polycarpa at Wave Hill in winter

The first talk takes place this Wednesday, January 23 with Stephen F. Byrns and Timothy Tilghman on the “lost” Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers, New York, a celebrated garden from the early twentieth century that had fallen into disrepair and is now being restored.

Annie Novak, co-founder and farmer of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, the first greenroof vegetable farm in America, will speak on February 27 about how urban farmers are learning from looking back at agricultural history.

On March 13, Jason Eslamieh, who has a decades-long passion for frankincense, will talk about its diversity and habitat, rich history, and his hopes for its future.


The lectures take place at the New York School of Interior Design at 6 p.m. Hope to see you there!

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