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I have always been one to wear my heart on my jewelry. In high school, it was vinyl record necklaces, doorknockers with my astrological sign, and vintage pinup magazine bracelets — statement pieces, to say the least. As I’ve gotten older and worked in food, a lot of my jewelry has become more culinary-based. But by far my most prized piece of jewelry is my scoop necklace.

My boyfriend, Jake, was thoughtful enough to get it for me as an anniversary gift and a reminder to not give up my “ice cream dreams” with my ice cream company, Spoon’d. (It’s generally the first thing people mention about me, after “she works at Martha!”).

I love this necklace not only for the love tied to it, but also for the beautiful craftsmanship: Jake worked with his friend, Gina, to create this perfectly executed scoop. What makes it so special (and badass) is that she carved the mold to the exact shape of a real-life ice cream scoop and then filled it with sterling silver. It’s not run-of-the-mill, buy-a-charm jewelry; it’s literally handmade by a team of one.

Most impressively, Gina has no formal background in jewelry design and launched her company after taking classes to make unique pieces for herself. She, like so many people pursuing their passions, fell in love with the results and hoped that other people would want to wear them as well.

Although she doesn’t sell the ice cream scoop online, Gina says that custom pieces and commissions are, “something that when approached with the right project, I’ll definitely work out.” Check out her full collection at Regina Kim Jewelry.

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  • This charm is absolutely adorable! It’s really cute. As an artist who works in all media since I can’t choose just one, I love that Gina enjoys custom work. I’m off to check out her website. Thanks for sharing!

    (PS: Jake seems to be an amazing catch – hang onto that boy!!)

  • i loveeeeeeeee Gina’s jewelry!!!!!! she is so talented!! I want all of her pieces!!!

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