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I’m looking for a print to brighten up a corner in my kitchen and I’m so impressed with the selection of affordable prints available online. Sites like Stampa and 20×200 offer a curated selection of art at low prices – some starting at just over $20. Perfect for when you just want something to freshen up an awkward space in your home and not spend a ton of cash. Prices range based on size and the artist, but I love that you can quickly browse such wide variety of artists and have the opportunity to see the artwork framed or unframed.

Chikara Umikara "Rainfall"

“Rainfall Upstate” by Chikara Umihara from 20 x 200, from $24

Neon Pink Poster

“Neon Pink” by Super Rural, $50

Sarah Singh "Backdrop"“Backdrop” by Sara Singh from Stampa, $200

Andy Warhol The Velvet Underground at Saturdays Surf Shop

“Andy Warhol The Velvet Underground” from Melet Mercantile at Saturdays Surf, $575

Britt Browne "Seagrass"

“Seagrass” by Britt Browne from Stampa, $200

James Graham "Apple"
“Apple” by James Graham from Stampa, $200

Penelope Davis "Collection"
“Collection” by Penelope Davis from Lumas, $94

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  • I love inexpensive art that really pops. I’ve started painting my large collection of frames and using handmade marbled paper to cover foam board…I cut the board to fit the frame and pop it in. It takes a total of 10 minutes (after the paint dries) and the art is stunning.

    I recycle, Up cycle, etc. etc….so I’m always using different things around the house to create beautiful decor.

    Thank you for the ideas!


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