Shop the Farmers’ Market from Your Desk


too many greens this week?

In theory, signing up for a CSA is glorious: your money goes to local farms and you get just-harvested, usually organic, truly ripe produce every week. Then that slightly manic feeling of lettuce overload sets in, and eventually you’re just. tired. of turnips.

Launched this week in New York, LA, and San Francisco, new company Farmigo aims to combine the convenience of a CSA with the choice and flexibility of shopping at the farmers’ market. Gather a group of co-workers or neighbors, sign up with the site, and they’ll build a website just for your crew. You can place orders online (produce, flowers, dairy, eggs, meat, baked goods, and wine) from a network of local farmers and producers. But unlike a CSA, you’re not obligated to order each week — and you can decide exactly what you want.

Farmigo sample order page

The orders are delivered to a designated pickup spot, such as your office, local community center, or school. Brooklyn-based companies Etsy and Carrot Creative tried out the program in its beta phase to rave reviews — here’s hoping it takes off.

(photo by Mike Krautter)


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