Ready, Set, Resolve


Although we can check crafting, cooking, gardening, and more off our lists as part of our day-to-day jobs, we still need a little boost of motivation sometimes to help us accomplish our goals. And since research shows that pre-committing to a singular, thoughtful goal is more effective than the regular resolution variety, we asked our editors what they’re gearing up to change come 2013. We’ll follow-up with them in February to see how they’re doing.

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“I want to learn how to cartwheel. What if something really amazing happens and I can’t cartwheel for joy?”

Paulie Dibner, Assistant Managing Editor

“I’m going to eat breakfast every day.”

Kevin Sharkey, Decorating and Home & Style Executive Editorial Director

“Drink more water!”

Yolanda Edwards, Executive Editor

“Continue my Japanese studies. I’m half Japanese and I feel like I should know the language.”

Melissa Oszawa, Senior Gardening Editor

“To use more native pollinator-friendly plants in my garden.”

Stephen Orr, Gardening Editorial Director

“I’m going to start taking ballet classes. I studied ballet from ages 3 to 18. It’s been a number of years since I’ve taken a class, so I am nervous that I won’t get all of the moves right at first. But, I think it could be a really fun way to  exercise and meet new people!”

Kristen Flanagan, Associate Editor

“Start the day off right with healthy green juice like Martha!”

Lindsey Mather, Editorial Assistant

“Be more patient.”

Jenny Comita, Deputy Features Editor

“Make it twelve months without setting fire to anything in the oven and send mail art to my little cousin Gianna, inspired by Kiera Coffee’s essay in our magazine.”

Marli Guzzetta, Research Editor

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  • Eat less sugar.

  • Get all my knitting supplies organized so I will stop buying duplicates of needles and patterns. Plus be able to see how much yarn I really have. They (yarn) currently live in plastic bags in my craft aera in the basement. Any suggestions on a system to do this with would be greatly appreciate . I don’t know where to start.

  • Read Living cover-to-cover every month. Oh, I already do that!

  • first of all…Loving Martha!! I love
    you! can we get married!!!
    and second…I love the staff at MS
    as they are so awesome!!
    my goodness…the great things they come up
    real inspiration!!!

    Love to all!

  • >k Martha… does this mean you accept??

    love and kisses!!!

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