Getting to Know “Brooklyn Makers”


Bellocq Tea Atelier

Living contributor and photographer Jennifer Causey’s new book, “Brooklyn Makers,” profiles makers, tasters, and craftspeople – all in our neighboring Brooklyn. She went inside their studios, and their heads, for an intimate look at creativity.

What inspired you to start this project?
I started the project two years ago. It began out of curiosity. I have always been drawn to people who make things with their hands and I loved the idea of getting a closer look through documenting them.

Why do you think there’s so much happening in Brooklyn, specifically?
There is a large creative community in Brooklyn. The support from other makers and from people who buy handmade goods is what keeps the creativity thriving. I think the proximity to Manhattan has also contributed, with so many amazing people there as well.

Florist Nicolette Camille

Why do you think people are starting to make things by hand again?
People want to return to a more tactile way of living, after being surrounded by so much technology in their daily lives. The human touch is more important than ever and knowing that an item you are eating or wearing was made by hand makes it really special.

Do you make anything by hand yourself?
I do a lot of cooking, a bit of gardening, and have tried my hand at all sorts of making — jewelry, knitting, among other crafts. I love making things!

Elephant Ceramics

What was the most memorable place you visited?
Each place was memorable in it’s own way. I especially loved visiting King’s County Distillery, because it was a process that was new to me. I had no idea how whiskey was made.

What’s the most important thing you learned while researching the book?
By visiting these studios and workshops, I have seen the hard work and dedication that goes into hand-making things. I have learned the value in craftsmanship.

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