Handmade Gift Ideas for Procrastinators


For most of us, the holiday season has already slammed our schedule, and it’s all we can do to resist the siren call of everyone’s favorite not-at-all-exciting present: the gift card.

But for those of you still set on making your gifts this year (even if it kills you), we’ve made it a little easier. Here are our recommendations for handmade gifts organized by who they’re for and just how long they will take to make.

Three weeks to go
Congratulations! Technically, you’re not even procrastinating on your gift making. Get ready to sink your teeth into some seriously crafty ideas without stressing over time.

For her: Dobbs Ferry Knit Cowl
Break out your knitting needles and make the most of the month with a personalized cowl scarf.
For him: Hand-Lettered Family Tree
Warning: a gift this thoughtful is bound to cause a few misty eyes.
For kids: Felted Stuffed Animals
Since you have extra time, why not try to track down a beloved sweater the child has outgrown for the fabric?

Two weeks to go
The clock is winding down, but you still have a couple of weekends to knock out a few handmade gifts.

For her: Dyed Wooden Bead Necklace
Dye the beads one day and string them the next. Create a few different hues to make her a full set.
For him: Matted and Framed Photos
With 1-hour photo development, you shouldn’t have a problem framing a few of his favorite snapshots this weekend.
For kids: Felt Slippers
Cozy and sweet for tiny little feet.

One week to go
Don’t panic! These simple gifts are still sweet enough that no one will know you procrastinated.

For her: Monogrammed Tea Towel
No time for embroidery? No problem! This simple craft uses a monogram stencil to give hand towels a personalized look. (And only takes three hours to dry.)
For him: Map Coasters
Pick up a local road map at a gas station and cut out his favorite places to be immortalized on a handy coaster. Bonus points if you include a “key” in your card.
For kids: Artist’s Organizer
To help encourage the next generation of crafters.

On Christmas Eve
Nothing like the rush of crafting on Christmas Eve, right? Never fear, here’s what you throw together (with love) in an evening.

For her: Homemade Body Scrubs
With four ingredients and about an hour’s time, you’ve got a gift no one will guess you made the night before.
For him: Tassel Bookmark
Tuck one of these done-in-seconds leather bookmarks in a favorite book to give it some weight.
For kids: Cookie Puzzle
What little one wouldn’t love getting permission to play with their food?

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